The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


17. Chapter 17





Jayde was relaxing on the couch while I made us some lunch. Violet was now a week old and we were both exhausted. I don't even remember the last time I actually slept. We had visitors all week and we were planning to go to Jayde's office today to show Violet off. 

Jayde came into the kitchen to make a bottle and then she headed down the hall to Violets room. I finished lunch and had it on plates and waited for her to come back. I packed the diaper bag while I waited so it was one less thing she needed to worry about. 

"Do you wanna feed her while I shower?" She asked me. 

"Sure." I took the bottle and the baby from her. Jayde was still in a lot of pain. She was still walking like she had just given birth. We had a doctors appointment tomorrow just for the doctor to go over some things with us and to make sure that the baby was fine. 

I burped Violet and then changed her diaper and got her dressed in some cute warm clothes. I did my best to try to make Jayde's life easier and help her out as much as I could. 

"Are you sure you wanna do this today?" I asked when she came out of the bathroom with her hair and makeup done. 

"Yeah. I need to get out of here and we need to go food shopping." She commented going to the cabinet and taking some pain meds. "You need to drive." She handed me the keys before taking Violet from me and cooing at her. She got her strapped in before she got her shoes on. "Ready?" She asked. 

"Ready." I put the bag over my shoulder and picked up Violet's seat. Was sleeping peacefully covered with a blanket. We walked out together and she locked the door behind us before grabbing my free hand to walk down the stairs. We took it slow but we eventually made it. 

I got the baby in the car while she got herself in. We stopped to get coffee's before I parked in the parking lot of her office. I ran around the car to her side to help her out of the car before going to the back of the car to get the stroller. Jayde got Violet out and waited for me before putting her seat on the stroller. 

"I wanna push her." She whined making me chuckle and step to the side so she could push. We got into the building and got in the elevator and up to her office. 

"Oh, Jayde, she is so cute." One of the women gushed over Violet who was asleep with one arm over her eyes. 

"Do you wanna hold her?" Jayde asked unstrapping her and wrapping a blanket around her. Jayde carefully lifted her and placed her in the women's arms. I was a little uncomfortable with a  stranger holding my baby but Jayde knew her. 

"Oh my gosh, yes!" She smiled taking Violet from her. Violet stirred and made a face before relaxing again. 

I had no idea that when Jayde got pregnant that I would be so protective over this child. I wanted to stay up all night staring at her making sure that she didn't stop breathing in the middle of the night. I never knew that I wanted to be a dad and then she placed in my arms and I knew that my entire life was built for that moment. 

She meant everything to me. I was willing to do anything for her. I didn't mind the 2 am feedings because it meant that I had time with just me and her and I loved that. She was perfect in every way possible. 

Jayde took the baby back and we headed to her office to greet the women who was working for her while she was gone. 

Eventually everyone got to meet the baby but her boss and when he saw her, this tall, husky dude crumbled and was talking in a high pitch voice to her. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. It was exactly like me when I got to see Violet. 

A little while later she started getting cranky so I made a bottle and handed it to Jayde to feed her. We sat in her office while she fed her and I was sticking post it notes all over the office with funny things written on them. 

"You're so cute." She smiled at me. Lately things had been going good for us. We both did our best to not annoy the other one. I did my best to be there for her. I could tell when she started to get exhausted throughout the day and I would take the baby so she could nap peacefully. We were good parents. 


We didn't stay at my office for long since I was still pretty uncomfortable and I wanted to lay down. 

"Wanna lay with me?" I asked Calum as he folded clothes in the living room. 

"Sure." He smiled standing and following me to my room. He stripped his clothes off and climbed onto the bed waiting for me. I slowly sat on the bed before laying down and cuddling into him. 

"Do you wanna move in officially?" I asked. 

"Yeah. I think so." He commented. "Ashton was gonna bring me some clothes later and visit the baby if that's okay." He said playing with my hair. 

"Yeah, of course. We'll order some food." I smiled closing my eyes and resting my head near his. 

"Sleep. I'll wake you when he's on his way." He kissed my head and continued to play with my hair. 

I woke up to the baby crying and Calum trying to calm her down. I rubbed my eyes and rolled out of bed and walked to the living room where Calum looked stressed. 

"You okay?" I asked him. 

"I can't get her to calm down." He turned around. She was red and screaming crying. 

"Has she been fed?" I questioned walking over and running my finger down her nose. "It's okay baby." I said getting close to her. 

"Yeah. And I changed her." 

"Bounce." I commented while sticking my finger in her mouth. It took a while but we got her calm. Calum was then able to feed her the rest of the bottle and relax on the couch. 

"Ashton is on his way." He said. "He said he's bringing presents." I laughed. 

"We don't need more baby things." I commented going to clean bottles. 

"I know." He shrugged. "But I wasn't going to hurt his feelings so just thank him." He stayed silent for a little while. "I have a question." 

"What's up?" I asked. 

"Who are her godparents?" I guess that was something we could decide together. 

"Well I was going to ask my sister and her husband but maybe we could ask your sister and Ashton too? She can have 4. I do." I shrugged. 

"You'd do that?" 

"Yeah. We can ask him when he comes over." I said as the buzzer went off and I buzzed him into the building. I opened the front door but went back to what I was doing. 

"Hi!" He shouted coming into the house with arms full of gifts. 

"Hey." I smiled closing the door behind him. "How's it going?" I asked helping him put everything down. 

"Good." He giggled going over to Calum to look at Violet who was still eating. 

"Wanna order some pizza or something?" I questioned. 

"Sure." I picked up my phone and ordered two pizza's before sitting with them in the living room. Calum showed Ashton how to change a diaper before handing her to Ashton. 

"Can I open the gifts?" I asked him. 

"Oh yeah! Of course." He smiled taking pictures of Violet and asking if he could post the pictures. 

"Yeah. Go ahead." I commented as I opened the presents. He got her a ton of cute clothes, a pair of shoes, some stuffed animals and a blanket with her name on it. "Thank you, Ash." I smiled. 

"Of course. I'm gonna spoil my cute little niece." I smiled. I had no problem with him wanting to be called Uncle Ashton. 

"Um, so we have a question." I started. 

"I might have answer." He looked back down at Violet who was making cute noises and I could tell it was melting his heart. 

"Do you wanna be her godfather? Well one of them." Calum asked. 

"Really?" Ashton asked looking at both of us. I nodded and smiled at him. "I would love to." He smiled. "Who's the other godfather?" 

"My brother-in-law Luke." I smiled. 

"I will fight him to death." I laughed. "He's a good person." I commented. "He was at the baby shower." 

"Ohhhh!" He said. "I think I did a shot with him." I looked at him. 

"You were doing shots at my baby shower?" 

"Listen, he said I looked stressed, he brought me into some room and it was filled with Tequila and Vodka and whiskey and I couldn't help myself." I laughed as the buzzer went off and I hit the button to let the person in. I should really start asking who it is. 

I grabbed the money and opened the door for the pizza guy. 

"It's all set." I commented handing him the money and grabbing the pizza's. I turned and closed the door before setting the pizza's down on the coffee table and going to grab plates and drinks. 

"It's so strange that you guys have a kid and are like doing parent things." Ashton said making me laugh. "I kinda want one." 

"No." We both said at the same time. 

"Wait until you're married with a house and you're stable." I commented. "This was the most stressful 9 months of my life." Calum nodded as he got a piece of pizza. "It's not easy." 

"You make it look easy." 

"I do?" I asked and he nodded. "I feel like I screw everything up." 

"Hey, we don't. We got her to calm down didn't we?" Calum asked. Calum always reminded me that I was a good mom. Every morning when I woke up he told me how amazing I was. Yesterday I had a mental break out saying I couldn't do it and he stayed so calm and talked me through it because yes I can. I can do this no matter how challenging life was getting, I could do this. 

He was here. He could do this. I was here. I could do this. We were here, together and we were doing this. 

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