The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


15. Chapter 15






I was starting my maternity leave in two weeks and I was very worried about the company when I was going to be gone. I knew that my boss wouldn't let it go to shit but we were getting so many new employees and so many things were changing and it was overwhelming. Obviously I would be on call to help but if I was labor, or if the baby needed me, they were on their own. 

"Don't stress about anything." One of my co-workers said. A lot of our employees were moving onto the new company that we were building so when I came back to work, I was going to be busting my ass. 

I was worried about what the stress of my job was doing on my body and when I went to the doctors for a stress test they were blown away by how stressed the baby was so, I was forced to be on bedrest. I hated it. I was bored all day long, I had no one to talk to, I had nothing to do. 

Julia was forcing me to come stay with her until I gave birth because she was far enough away that if I called her when my water broke, she wouldn't make it here on time so I was staying with her and Luke. I didn't really mind, I finally had someone to entertain me and because I was on bedrest, they brought me everything I needed. 

I did my best to not annoy them but the weight of this baby was giving me a hard time. I wanted her out. I was more than ready to become a mom and to finally have her in my arms. The wait was the worst part. 

I was told to stay off my feet for as long as possible but my cravings were making that impossible. I was standing in the kitchen cooking when Julia came home from work. 

"What are you doing?" She asked rushing over to me. 

"Making food. I'm pregnant, Jules, not injured." I rolled my eyes and continued to make my sandwich. 

"You're not suppose to be on your feet." She said annoyed. 

"There's a lot of things that I shouldn't do but I still do them." I shrugged moving to sit down with my sandwich while she cleaned up. "I was up for five minutes." I commented eating. "How was work?" I asked her. She worked for a law firm and even though she wasn't a lawyer she sometimes got to go to court and she loved seeing people fight with each other. 

"It was good. I told them I was going to need a week off when you gave birth." 

"You don't have to do that." I commented looking at her as she moved around the kitchen and then slipped her heels off. 

"I want to. You're gonna be in the hospital for a few days and I want to make sure that you're settled at your place with the baby before I go back to work." 

"I'm sure I'll be fine." 

"I know. It's the baby I'm worried about." She joked making me smile. "Do you think Calum will show up to her birth?" She asked and I shrugged. I really wasn't sure if I was going to tell his family until I had her. It's not like they were all going to rush over to the hospital while I was in labor. "Is she gonna have his last name?" 

"No." I answered. I had already planned to give her my last name and if Calum even thinks that she's going to have his, he's crazy. "Calum has barely been involved, why would I give her his last name?" I cleaned up my plate but then quickly realized I couldn't bend over to put the plate in the dishwasher and had to give it to Julia. 

"I don't know how you're so calm about this." She said and I looked at her confused. 

"What do you mean?" I asked resting my hands on my belly. 

"I mean, you're gonna be a single mom and you're acting like it's a walk in the park." Being a single mom freaked me out but I knew that I had to do it. I don't have a choice in whether I'm going to have a baby or not. I'm doing it, it was my decision to do it. 

"If you got pregnant and Luke decided he didn't want kids and he left you, what would you do?" I asked her. We raised that no matter what you took responsibility for your actions. My parents did their hardest to protect these things from happening. I was on birth control when I was 16 and got my first boyfriend. When I moved out I told my parents that I would make sure that I kept up with it. I made one little mistake, a swimmer got through and now here I was. 

"I see what you're saying." She said as we moved over to the couch and put our feet up on the coffee table. 

"I love her more than I love anything in this entire world." I commented. "When you have a baby you'll know the feeling." I smiled as she rested her hands on my belly. Lately she has been very active and even though it made it hard to sleep, I loved those feelings. 

"I can't wait to meet her." Julia smiled. Luke came in the house a few minutes later and sat down with us. 

"What are my three ladies doing?" He asked kicking his shoes off. 

"Nothing." Julia commented. "Do you have her name picked out?" She asked. 

"No." I lied. 

"I have idea's." Luke smiled. 

"Really?" I asked making him nod. "What are they?" I questioned.

"Well, I wrote Violet on that sheet you had at the baby shower." I looked over at him with wide eyes. "What?" 

"Are you serious?" I asked. 

"Yeah." He said. I looked over at Julia. 

"You weren't planning that for your kid right?" I asked. Julia had always said that she wanted to name her daughter Daisy. We had talked about baby names years ago, I said I liked Dean for a boy and McKinley for a girl. She said she liked those names but she would never use them and I would feel terrible if I used her baby name.

"I wasn't." Luke commented. 

"Is that her name?" Julia asked and I nodded my head. "Violet what?" 

"Mae. Like the little girl who lived in our neighborhood when we were teenagers." I commented. "I was going to name her Mae but when I said it she didn't kick me but when I said Violet she did." 

"I like Violet." Luke smiled. I'm sure he was excited that out of all of the names on the baby list I picked his. 

"I'm still using Dean for a boy so don't you dare take my baby name." 

"Dean?" Luke questioned turning on the t.v. "Like Winchester?" 

"Exactly like Winchester." I giggled. "If Julia was a boy her name was going to be Dean but not Winchester." I confirmed. 

"I don't really have any names for a boy." Luke shrugged. "Good thing there isn't going to be a boy in the family yet." He commented. 

"When do you think you guys are gonna have kids?" I questioned. I didn't want them to get stressed over the question but I really was curious about it. 

"I'm thinking sometime within the next year." Julia commented. "We both were thinking that actually. We're not trying for a baby, maybe in another few months. I'm gonna go off birth control around June." 

"Really?" I smiled. It would be nice to have our kids close in age. 

"Yes. We want our baby to be close to your baby's age but we want a little bit of a gap." She smiled at me. "We don't want to steal your thunder." She smiled. 

"I don't mind." I commented. "I'm sure people will be more excited for you. You're doing it the right way." I said. 


"Well you got married first and then planned a baby. I got pregnant with a friends with benefits." 

"But of all people I thought it would be Calum who would stick around." I shrugged. When we were younger, sure he would have stuck around but now? No. "Maybe he'll still come around." 

"I don't want him in and out of her life." 

"What if it pops out and is a boy?" Luke interrupted and he looked seriously concerned that it was going to be a boy. 

"I ask every time I go to the doctor if it's still a girl." I looked over at him. "It's a girl." 

"Well that's good. What should we do for dinner?" He asked standing up. "Should we go out?" 

"No. Jayde can't leave. It's too dangerous." I rolled my eyes. "We can order something." Julia said going to the kitchen and pulling out the stack of places to order from. "What do you want Jayde?" 

"Could really could for some ranch chicken and bacon pizza." I commented from where I was sitting on the couch. 

My phone began ringing from the kitchen and Julia brought it over to me. 

"Hey, Ashton." I said into the phone. It was rare that he called me. "What's up?" I asked. 

"Have you seen Calum?" He asked. 

"No. Why? What happened?" I questioned trying to sit up more but couldn't since my belly was in the way. 

"I told him like a week ago that if he didn't get his shit together that I was going to kick him out when I came home from work yesterday he was gone and he never came back." He rushed into the phone. 

"Did he call his parents?" I asked. 

"Yeah. And his sister. And that one cousin." 

"What about the hospital?" I asked. 

"No. Why would he be there?" He questioned. 

"Something could have happened to him." I commented. Julia came over and was giving me strange looks. "Wait! This guy, Sha-"

"Shane, yeah, I met him. Do you think he could be with him?" 

"Do you have Shane's number?" I asked. 

"No." He sighed. "Do you?" 

"I think I wrote it down." I put him on speaker so I could look for it. "I just sent it to you." I commented. "Let me know when you find him. I can't leave the house so I can't really help." 

"Why can't you leave the house?" 

"Baby's stress levels were high. I'm on bedrest until I give birth." I sighed. "Just, text me when you find him." I answered. 

"I will. Let me know if you need anything." He said. 

"I will." Not. I would call him last if I needed something. "Bye." I hung up. 

"What's going on?" Julia asked. 

"Ashton can't find Calum." I sighed. Now I was going to be stressing about this and stress isn't good for the baby. 


I was staying with Shane, trying my best to stay sober. His house was calming. He always had calming music on and he always some type of candle burning, it made me feel at peace. 

I didn't tell anyone where I was going, I just needed to get away which I realized was a bad idea when I turned my phone back on and had hundreds of missed calls from literally everyone. I called Ashton back and he sounded relieved when I called. 

"You can't do that to me man. I thought you were dead." He shouted into the phone. 

"I'm sorry. I'm just at Shane's. I'll be home soon." I said into the phone running my hand over my face. 

"Jesus Christ." He mumbled. 

"I'm sorry, Ash." I said. "I just needed a few days to myself. I'm on my way." I said shoving my things into my bag. 

"Okay." He answered before hanging up. I sighed and left heading back home. When I got there my parents, sister and Ashton were all sitting there with a stranger. 

"What's going on?" I asked setting my things down. 

"Come sit, honey." My mom said. An intervention? Seriously? "We want the best for you." 

"I'm sober." I commented. "I just went away with my sponsor for a few days. You guys are crazy." I sat down. "I'm trying my hardest but you people nagging me all the time isn't helping." I looked at them. 

"When was the last time you did drugs?" Ashton asked. 

"Before I went to rehab." I commented. 

"So if I drug tested you it would come out negative?" 

"Yes." I looked at him. "The only thing close to a drug that I've had was Advil." I rolled my eyes. They were all losing their minds. 

"Have you heard from Jayde?" Mali asked. She seemed the most pissed off. 

"No." I answered. 

"Oh so then you don't know that she's on bed rest because stress levels were high? She could miscarry because of that, Calum." She said. I looked at her. 

"How could I be causing her stress? I haven't done anything." 

"Yeah exactly." She rolled her eyes. I closed my eyes and calmed myself down before opening them again. Everyone was silent. I had no idea what they wanted me to say. I was sober, I was working on myself, I'm getting better, I don't know what they want from me. 

"Who's Jayde?" The stranger said. 

"I don't even know who you are I'm not going to tell you who Jayde is." I didn't mean to sound rude but I'm not going to tell someone who Jayde is, they could easily stalk her. 

"I'm sorry. I'm Alex, I'm a family therapist." She said holding out her hand for me to shake. I shook her hand. 

"She's my baby mama." That was the first time I've ever called her that. "We were friends with benefits and she got pregnant." By the look on my father's face he didn't know about that. 

"Okay..." Alex nodded. "Where is she now?" 

"I'm assuming she's at home." I looked over at Ashton who shook his head. "What? Where is she?" I asked. 

"She's at her sisters. She's weeks away from giving birth so she's closer to the hospital." He confirmed. 

"Oh." I answered calming down a little. There was always that voice in the back of my head telling me to run to her and to make her mine and to raise this baby with her but I couldn't. Her and the baby would be so much better without me. "They'd be better without me." I said. 

"Why do you think that?" Alex asked before anyone could say anything. 

"I'm a recovering drug addict, no child or mother needs someone like that in their life. Jayde will do just fine on her own. She'll meet a guy one day and fall in love with him and that'll be it." I answered. 

"Do you love her?" 

"I don't know." Which was true. I'm not sure. I could love her or I just love getting laid. "I think I liked getting laid." 

"Calum." My mom shouted. "Seriously?" 

"Oh stop. Stop acting like you didn't know it was going on. We've been fucking for years." I commented. 

"You don't have to speak to me to like that." She commented. "No matter what that is my grandchild and I know you love Jayde just admit it. It'll make your life easier." 

"Why? So we can live happily ever after together with our kid? Real life doesn't work that way! This is real life where Jayde and I will never go beyond being friends with benefits or parents. That's it. She deserves a lot more in this life. She deserves someone who supports her in every way possible. It doesn't matter that I love her because the person who's going to support her isn't me." Everyone was silent. 

"Does she know that you love her?" Of course she didn't know that I loved her. 

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