The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


14. Chapter 14






I was ginormous. Huge. A whale. I couldn't even roll over in bed that's how pregnant I was. I couldn't sleep anymore, I was too hot and uncomfortable. I felt like the baby was pressing on everything and she wouldn't stop. 

Instead of staying in bed, I got dressed for my doctors appointment. Sometimes if you got there early, they took you in early. I stripped of my clothes, in a struggle when I got to my pants. I haven't been able to put socks on in weeks which sucks because my feet are always cold. 

I looked in the mirror at my belly and noticed a few stretch marks that I hadn't noticed before. They were a deep red and I ran my finger over them. I smiled a little. I was surprised that I went this far into the pregnancy without them. I was waiting for them. It would be a reminder of the life that I created inside of me. 

I got into the shower and let the warm water run over my body. It relaxed the baby at least. After my doctors appointment I had to go to work and thankfully my boss was letting me wear comfortable things that actually fit around my stomach. 

I got dressed in my work clothes and did my hair and makeup before getting my things ready. I looked over at the clock and sighed. I had my things ready and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I hummed as I cooked. 

Violet was kicking me excited that I was going to feed her. I giggled a little. I would never get use to the kicks. I would miss them that's for sure. 

I had to rush through eating so that I could actually get out the door and to my appointment on time. I signed in just in time. I sat down and read a magazine before my name was called. 

"It's still a girl right?" I asked as soon as the tech got the machine going. She laughed and checked. 

"Yes. Baby is still a girl." She smiled. "No dad today?" She asked. 

"No. He couldn't get work off." I lied. 

"Oh. Well baby is growing perfectly. Her weight seems to be right on track." She changed the subject. "I'm just gonna take some measurements." She smiled before printing me out some pictures. "You are all set." She smiled. 

"Thank you." I cleaned off my stomach and fixed myself. She helped me sit up and thankfully she did or I would have been here all day. I left and rushed to work so that I could pee. 

"Hi, Jayde." Someone said as I rushed by. 

"I have to go to the bathroom!" I said walking passed her and thankfully getting to the bathroom before I peed myself. "Hey." I smiled going back to the front desk. "How's it going?" I asked sitting down and rubbing my belly. 

"Not much." She shrugged. "Any day now?" 

"Not quit. I'm only 32 weeks." I answered. "But my maternity leave starts in a few weeks so I'm trying to get everything organized." 

"Are you going to bring the baby in to meet us?" 

"Of course I am. I'll probably bring her in a lot since I'll miss her." I giggled standing up. "Okay, I gotta get to work." I rushed off to get start getting things ready. I had to email tons of people to email someone else in the office if they were trying to reach me after my due date. I planned to work from home until I gave birth. 

I was moving meetings and conference calls so that I could be present. 

"Miss. Mills." Mr. Waltor said as he answered the phone when I called him. 

"Mr. Waltor." I started. "I'm calling today because I need to schedule our meeting with you about a week earlier." I commented looking through the calendar. 

"What date were you thinking?" He asked. 

"I was thinking February 21st." I confirmed. 

"Why are we pushing this forward?" I could tell he was most likely leaning on his desk, he always did that in meetings when someone wanted something changed. 

"I'm going on maternity the week after the 21st." I told him. "I would like attend the meeting but I can't because of my due date."

"Okay, Miss. Mills, I can do that day. I look forward to seeing you." I smiled. 

"Have a good day Mr. Waltor." 

"Jayde, these aren't the right covers." Melissa came in and showed me the cover to the book. "There are hundreds of these but the author didn't want this cover." She said. 

"I'll handle it." I said calling down to change it. Of course we were going to be losing so much money since they printed the paper on the wrong thing. "I have the order and the cover right here in the file." I nearly shouted into the phone when they told me that it was right. 

"Summer nights with a sunset picture in the mountains." It literally says it in the description what they wanted!" I said. Working for a publishing company was challenging. Things like this go wrong all the time. 

"I'm sorry ma'am." I sighed. 

"Do you want me to fax you the file?" I questioned. 

"Yes, please." He answered. 

"Give me ten minutes and I'll fax it over." I commented. "Don't stress. It's only 300 copies." I commented. I didn't want to be the person who stressed someone out. "It could be worse. Just stop printing them for now until it's fixed. Email me before you print anymore." I said giving him my email address. 

"Have a good day." 

"You too." I hung up and went to the bathroom and then faxed the papers. I then took a break for lunch. 

"Jayde, we have a meeting." My boss said. "Where are you going?" He asked. 

"I was gonna go get lunch." I commented looking down at my phone to check the time. I haven't eaten since 7 this morning and it was now after noon. I knew I needed to eat because I could easily get dizzy. 

"Oh. Well go ahead, don't worry about it. I can tell you about it. It's not that important." He smiled. 

"Are you sure?" I asked. 

"Of course I'm sure. I can handle it." He smiled before walking away and I wobbled down the street to pick up a chicken caesar salad and heading back. I checked to see if the meeting had started but I could hear my phone ringing so I rushed to get it. 

"Jayde Mills speaking, how can I help you?" I picked the phone up a little breathless and sat down. 

"I'm just calling to confirm a conference meeting that you scheduled with Mr. Waltor." It was his assistant. She always called me after I made any meeting or conference or lunch meeting with him. I think she doesn't trust him to remember. 

"Yes! For February 21st." I looked at the calendar. "At 11am." I clarified. That was the time that we usually meet. 

"Alright, perfect." She said. "Thank you." 

"Thank you. Have a good day." I commented flicking through papers that were on my desk placed there by someone. 


"Bye." I hung up to read the papers. It was a short story that needed to be edited and published in a magazine. I sighed, that was not apart of my job. I was not an editor. As much as I would love to read books or short stories or poems all day, I liked my job better than that. I was the marketing part of publishing. "People don't know anything." I commented moving them to the side so that I could eat my lunch. 

I checked my email and finally I got a email from the guy that I talked to this morning and that he had the correct cover and if I wanted I could come see it. Apart of being part of the marketing, I had to make sure that everything that came into or out of the company, was correct. 

"Jayde? Have a few?" My boss came into my office. 

"Of course." I smiled standing up. 

"Please sit." He commented and I sat back down as he sat across from me. "So we had a meeting about thinking about opening another office for producing." 

"Like scripts and stuff?" I asked and he nodded. It would be awesome to be an editor of a t.v show or a movie script but I wasn't educated in that. I went to college for something different. "That's cool." 

"It would make the company a lot more money." He said and I nodded. Meaning that we would also make more money. "There's going to be tons of meetings about it. So make sure you're at the next one." 

"Yes, sir." I smiled. He left and I looked over at the clock. I had a waxing appointment at 6 and needed to leave by 5:30. I started to pack up my things and logged out of my email. "Have a good night, Melissa." I smiled as I past her. 



I was drunk. I knew I was. I knew I shouldn't be. But I was. I was going to regret this tomorrow. I shouldn't even be drinking, that's not part of me being sober. 

"Are you drunk?" Ashton asked coming into the apartment. 

"Duh." He shook his head. 

"Calum, we need to talk." He said. I knew he was serious but I was so trashed that I couldn't take him serious. "Calum! I'm serious. I can't handle this. If you're going to be drinking like this, I'm gonna have to ask you to move out. This isn't fair to me." He said pacing. 

I had no idea what to say. I never thought that he would actually kick me out. 

"Seriously?" I asked. 

"Yes. I pay all of the bills. I pay for the food. I pay your phone bill. That's not fair to me and you're using me and I will no longer put up with it." He said before storming off to his room and slamming the door behind him. He was serious. 

I needed to get serious. I needed to take the road to recovery serious. I scrolled to Shane's contact and hit the call button. 


"Shane? This is Calum." I slurred into the phone. 

"Hey, is everything okay?" He asked. I sighed, because no, nothing was okay. I was a mess and I was hurting the people around me. 

"No." I answered truthfully. "Is there any way you could come to my apartment?" I questioned. 

"Yeah. Send me the address and I'll be there as soon as I can." He said. 

"Alright. Bye." I hung up and right away sent him the address. I sat on the couch trying my hardest to sober up but everyone knows that doesn't help. I tried to clean up the mess but I was just stumbling around and knocked a lamp over. 

"What are you doing? Your mom is gonna kill you; she bought that lamp." He commented. I sighed sitting down. He started cleaning up and then there was a knock at the door. He grunted and went to open it. "Can I help you?" He asked. 

"I'm Shane. Calum called me." 

"He's drunk he probably didn't mean to. Listen man I don't want any trouble." He sighed. What the fuck did he think I did? 

"No no, I'm a sponsor. I'm just here to talk to him. I don't wanna cause trouble either." 

"Oh. Oh shit, I'm sorry." Ashton sighed sticking his hand out. "I'm Ashton." 

"Shane." Ashton let him into the apartment. 

"He's right there. Do you want a drink or anything? We have water bottles." 

"I'm all set." He sat on the couch next to the chair I was sitting in. "What's going on?" He asked me. 

"I'm a little drunk." I answered. Ashton went back to his room so that we could talk in private. "I was just gonna have one." 

"It always starts as just one." Shane answered. "If Jayde called right now and said she was in labor, you wouldn't be able to get to her." 

"I really don't care about her." I said and he looked shocked. To him it probably looked like we both had it together and we were going to co-parent. Little did he know. To anyone it probably looked like we had it all together. 

"What?" He asked. 

"I don't wanna talk about it." I answered. "I'm gonna puke." I commented standing up and tripping over the table a little. I stumbled to the bathroom where I just missed the toilet. I groaned. Ashton was going to kill me. Shane was behind me with water and paper towels. 

"Which one is your room?" He asked helping me. I pointed to my room and he kicked the door open and flicked on the light. He laid me in the bed before looking around the room. "Is there any alcohol in here?" He asked. 

"No. I drank it." I confirmed. I closed my eyes as he moved around the room. 

"Text me tomorrow and we'll go to a meeting together." I mumbled already half asleep. I was going to be fucked tomorrow. 

I woke up around noon and Ashton was no where in sight. I groaned at the headache I had and slowly sat up. I don't even know how I got to my bed. I slowly stood up and headed to take a shower. I had to get my shit together. 


I couldn't take it anymore. I was being pulled a thousand different directions by Calum, Jayde, and my girlfriend Bryana. Bryana of course was the most understanding. Not in the sense that she's been through this but that she doesn't make it all about herself. Jayde was mad at Calum and Calum was mad at Jayde and I'm mad at both of them. Bryana was the only one of us who had a clear head. 

"I've had enough." I mumbled to her as I laid in her bed. She was kneeling on the bed beside me and rubbing my side. 

"You can stay here if you want." She said. 

"No. It's alright, I don't want to intrude." I looked at her. She was so beautiful and she was such an amazing person. "You're so beautiful." I reached out to touch her face gently making her smile. 

"What are you going to do about Calum?" She asked. I know I threatened to kick him out but I would feel terrible if I ever did that. I shook my head and threw one of my arms over my eyes. 

"Should I tell his parents? Maybe they'll know what to do." I said moving my arm away when she touched my lips. 

"If you think that would be best." She answered. "Don't let him use you babe. He's an addict, that's what they do. They steal and lie and they don't care who gets hurt in the process." 


*Okay so I just wanted to let everyone know that I got a job. A real life adult job! I start on the 19th. It's a part time job but writing will most likely still slow down. It more than likely will not be updated as much as I have updated recently. I'm trying to get out as many chapters as possible while I have the time and the idea's. So when I start working please be patient with me. My paying job comes before any of the writing that I do for free. I love to write, but my career comes before writing.*

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