The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


10. Chapter 10




Jayde is 19 weeks pregnant


Calum had been in rehab for a little less than three weeks and I was extremely proud of him. I knew it was difficult for him to make the decision that he actually did need help. With him being gone I nothing to do so I mostly started preparing for the baby. I had moved things around, decided where I was going to put the crib and the dresser and the changing table. I had already ordered some things offline to decorate the room with. 

When I got pregnant I always pictured I would be doing this with Calum. I always just figured he would be there to help me. And I understood that he couldn't be here. He needed help and if he wasn't in his right mind, how was he going to help me? 

I have only talked to him once and he said he wasn't sure they would let him go after the 30 days. He seemed to think that he would be sent off to a place that would be able to give him longer treatment. 

I was one week away from finding out the sex of the baby and even though Calum told me that I could find out without him, I decided not to. It took me a few days to decide but I figured that Calum deserved to know at the exact same moment that I found out. Of course it made it harder on me to do the shopping and try to get everything in order but I could buy all neutral things and hope for the best. 

I was still hoping for a little girl but no matter what I was going to be happy. All I wanted was a happy healthy baby. 

Life had been difficult lately. I had no one to talk to. I didn't really want my parents to know where Calum was. One because it's not really their business and I knew they would try everything in their power to try to get me to make Calum sign away his rights. I had reached out to Ashton a few times asking if he had heard from Calum and he would never respond. I didn't blame him. He was Calum's friend first so if Calum ever told him to not say anything to me, he wouldn't. 

At work, we had a meeting to discuss my maternity leave. Even though it wouldn't be for another 19 weeks as they were going to let me start it two weeks before my due date. I wasn't sure why we needed to have the meeting since I had already talked to my boss about it and we made a plan. 

I entered the room and sat down with my laptop and a notepad. I had no idea why we all had to be here to talk about my maternity leave. 

"Okay, everyone, thank you for coming." My boss started. "As you all know Jayde will be leaving us for a few months to have her baby in 19 weeks." I smiled. My boss had always kept on everyone's schedule. I could tell him in 4 weeks that I needed a week off at the end of the year and he wouldn't forget. He always made sure that we were comfortable and would make sure we had to stop our work for a break and lunch. He was always making sure that his employees were taken care of. "But, Mrs. Chance is going to be retiring. So I have decided to hire Jayde in her position and someone else with take Jayde's." I was shocked. "Jayde will start training now for her position and when she comes back from her maternity leave she can start." 

"Really?" I questioned. I would make a lot more money by taking the higher up job and I knew I would be able to do it. It wasn't the highest spot in our company but I would be able to move higher if I wanted. 

"Yes, and you can hire you're own assistant. Anyone you want, you do the interviews and background checks." He smiled. I thought that would be a perfect job for Calum since I would be able to hire him but I wasn't sure if he would want to be stuck with baby mama every day of the week day. 

"Thank you." I smiled. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be taking this job. I could use the money and I got every Friday off which gave me an extra day to be with the baby. 

"You're welcome." He answered. "Now, I need to start looking for someone to hire for Jayde's position that she has now. Now, I could hire one of you, or hire in someone from outside." He looked around. "If no one wants her job, I will hire from outside." 

The meeting went on for another hour as we talked about projects coming up or other things. I wasn't really paying attention. I was extremely proud of myself for everything I had been doing and I knew that someday I would be able to move out of that apart and find a nice little house for the baby and myself. 

Once the meeting was over I went back to my desk which was in a small cubical. Once I was moved up I would be able to have my own office with a huge desk and shelves where I could put paperwork and such. I was more than thrilled to start at the new position. 

*CALUM P.O.V* Talk of drugs

I was working everyday to try and better myself but I felt like it wasn't working. I still craved the drugs, I still craved the high. Of course it hasn't been that long but a guy who got here the same time I did would be leaving next week. 

My therapist said that every person detoxes at their own pace but I felt like I would be able to at a 'normal' pace. I wanted to go home. I wanted to see the girl who I guess was my girlfriend and explain to her that I literally had no idea who she was. I don't even remember meeting her. I was high our entire relationship. 

"Talk to me Calum. What are you thinking about?" 

"I messed up a lot of things with a lot of people." 

"Like what?" I didn't tell anyone about Jayde. I didn't want anyone to somehow use that against me. I didn't want people to tell me to get sober for the baby. People don't get sober for other people, they get sober for themselves. The only reason that I was getting sober was because I almost died. 

"It doesn't matter." I answered. 

"It does. We have to get to the root of your problem." 

"There is no root to my problem. I had an amazing childhood. I was a good kid until high school and I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and selling weed. Once I was out of high school I start selling the heavier stuff and sometimes I would use some of the supply. There is no root. I'm the problem. I did this to myself." 

"How do you want to fix these problems with the people back home?" 

"Everyone back home is very supportive but there is this one person who-" I paused and sighed. I felt terrible for everything that I put Jayde through. I know she had been worried about me from the start and I felt horrible leaving her there all alone. I never wanted to do that to her. 

"Who what?" 

"I was friends with this girl, Jayde. For years, since kindergarten. She's been my best friend forever and in high school we started sleeping together." 

"Like a friends with benefits type thing." 

"Yes! Exactly." I nodded as I played with a piece of paper. "I got her pregnant. And she deserves so much more than me. She deserves a man who isn't going to leave her alone with the baby." I closed my eyes and leaned back so my head rested on the back of the chair. "She's an amazing person." 

"Do you love her?" 

"I think I do. I think I love her in the 'I want you to be my wife and we can grow old together' way but she's made it clear that she doesn't like me that way." 

"Are you sure?" 

"She said it but I'm not sure." When we first started hooking up I thought she liked me and that's why we would do things, I could get her to do whatever I wanted but maybe she was using me the whole time. "Maybe she was using me." I shrugged. 

"Why would she use you?" 

"Well look at me. I'm pretty attractive. She could get whatever she wanted from me, you know, like my sperm." I opened my eyes and looked at her. "Maybe I'm the stupid one after all." I chuckled. 

"Why do you think she's using you?" 

"She's beautiful. She could easily sleep with whoever she wants. I'm the best she's gonna get. She knows my family. I have great genes. She's using me for my sperm." I wasn't sure if any of what I was saying was making sense but I knew that something more was going on. 

*Jayde P.O.V*

I went to my appointment with my sister since she asked if she could tag along and I knew that she would enjoy it. We were able to hear the heart beat and find out the sex but I decided to wait. I wanted Calum to here for that. 

"Oh my gosh, Jay! This is so amazing." She smiled. I hadn't asked her yet but I wanted her to be in the delivery room with me. I would rather have her and Calum in there than anyone else. 

"Cool isn't it?" I questioned looking at her. It was crazy how two people could create a life and one of them could carry that life around in their uterus. The tech printed out a few pictures and handed them to me as we left. 

We went out to lunch and then decided to go baby shopping. I was waiting to buy the crib until I saved for it. Little by little I was putting away money to afford it. I was worried that I would buy a crib and then not be able to pay rent. 

"How's Calum doing?" Julia knew that he had gone to rehab, it was my parents who we were hiding it from. 

"Uh, last I talked to him he said that they were probably going to be keeping it past the 30 days." 

"What if he isn't back by the time the baby is here?" She questioned. 

"I haven't thought about that." I answered throwing a few cheap onesies on my arm that were 9 month. "If he's not back by the time the baby is here then I'm on my own." I shrugged. "I got promoted at work. I forgot to tell you." I smiled looking at her. 

"That's amazing! Congrats!" She hugged me. Lately life had been going smooth besides everything happening with Calum. As much as I wanted him to be here supporting me, I knew how selfish that was. I need to support him just as much as he supports me. 

"It's a lot more money." With the money came more responsibility which was going to be hard for me. I had trouble telling people what to do and I would feel terrible having an assistant running around doing things for me all day. "Enough money to pay for daycare." I commented. 

"You'll stick it in daycare?" 

"Probably. I mean I was expecting Calum to live with us so he could help me out during the day but it doesn't look like that is going to be happening." I picked up a teddy bear that was so soft and super cute. "Hey, can Luke come over sometime this week and help me move some furniture out of the baby's room?" I questioned her. Her and Luke had been married for a year and I'm sure within the next year they'll start trying to have kids. 

"I can ask him. I'm sure he'd be happy to." She smiled as picked out a few things. Having a sister was great. We could talk about anything together. She was my best friend and thank god she was here in this time because I had no one besides the ladies at work. 

"Thanks." We shopped for a while longer before I became exhausted and poor. I had made a list of things I still needed and clothes wasn't one of them even though I bought a ton today. 

"Are you going to plan a baby shower?" 

"I don't know. Should I?" I questioned. 

"Yeah. I can help." She smiled. I wasn't sure if I wanted one. I would have to ask Calum. I had no idea how much we even wanted to be apart of this anymore. He said we would talk about it when he came back but I wasn't sure how long that was going to be. 

"I gotta find out what Calum wants and I'll get back to you." 

She helped me carry everything up to my apartment before she left to go home to Luke. I had text Ashton to see if he had heard from Calum and he didn't respond. I was really starting to get worried. I had no idea about what was going on and something could be wrong and no one would tell me. 

Instead of working myself up, I started some laundry and began putting baby things away. I wanted to be as organized as possible. I tried calling Calum but the phone just rang and rang so I left him a message updating him on the baby. 

I was lost without Calum. I had no idea what to do with my life and I just prayed that he was okay. 

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