The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


1. Chapter 1


"Dude, are you high?" Ashton asked Calum. Calum sat on the couch in their house staring at the t.v, that wasn't on. "Where did you even get the drugs? I thought you sold it all?" He questioned as he cleaned up around Calum.

"Well I bought some." Calum answered holding up the baggie with the white substance. "I was gonna sell it but I decided to take it instead." He commented. Calum was a drug dealer. He started in high school selling weed but as he got older and realized that his life was shit and he was going to be poor, he decided to start selling the heavier stuff. Of course none of his friends knew until recently when Ashton caught him snorting coke off the kitchen counter.

"How much money did you make this month?" Calum shrugged at the question before pulling out the safe from the coffee table. "I can't count it right now."

"Well we have bills to pay." Calum held the envelope of money out to him to take.

"Take what you need."

"Also, Jayde is coming to the city. I saw on her Facebook."

"I'll have to hit her up." Calum said reaching for his phone texting her. Calum knew that he only ever hit her up when he was on drugs. "Maybe I'll take her to dinner and then fuck her." He commented to Ashton.

"I don't see why she keeps having sex with you. She clearly likes you."

"Which is why she has sex with me. To please me." He answered. Ashton rolled his eyes. "She's gonna come over." Ashton sighed, he knew that she shouldn't have been coming over but Calum shouldn't have been leading her on. Calum was going to do it anyway.


"I'm gonna go see Calum." I said to my friend as we got a hotel room. She was here for business and I came along knowing that Calum would be in the city.

"Be safe. I've heard some things." She commented and I looked at her.


"Yeah, like he's a drug dealer. He almost got arrested." She answered and I looked shocked. "Please be careful." I nodded as I left. I walked to his place before knocking on the door.

"Hey, baby." He said pulling me into him and kissing me. "Wanna go get some dinner?" He asked and I nodded. I could clearly tell that he was a little high.

"Are you okay?" I asked and he nodded as he locked the front door and brought me down the stairs. "How have you been?"

"Good. Really good." He answered. I wasn't sure if I should have brought up the rumors that seemed to reach the towns around the city. "How have you been? It's been a few months since you've been to the city."

"Yeah. I've been really busy at work." I answered. He brought me to a restaurant where we had seats in the very back and he ordered a bottle of champagne. "What are you doing?" I questioned.


"We don't need champagne." I said. "I'm fine with a soda."

"No, baby." He answered. "Order whatever you want." He answered as we both looked at the menu.

"How's Ashton?" I asked once I decided what to get.

"He's good." He commented.

"What's with the rumors?" I blurted. I could tell that there was something that neither of us wanted to bring up.

"What rumors?"

"The ones about you being a drug dealer and nearly getting caught by the cops."

"Well..." He trailed off.

"So it's true."

"Well yeah I'm a drug dealer but I've never been caught by the cops." I shook my head at his words.

"Do you understand how dangerous that is?"

"Yes but I make decent money." He answered before the waiter came over and took our orders.

"Are you high right now?" I whispered leaning in closer to him.

"Maybe just a little." My eyes widened.

"Calum, are you crazy?" I ran my hand through my hair. "Jesus Christ."

"It makes decent money. I also don't get high that often."

"That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. You always text me when you're high." He looked at me. "What are you high on right now?"

"Maybe a little." I rolled my eyes. "Hey, don't knock it til you try it." He commented. "Smoking weed and snorting a little coke is fun."

"At a party, Calum. Not on a Wednesday." I answered taking a sip from the champagne that I'm glad he ordered now since I needed it.

"Just try it." He answered. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to snort something. I thought that was kinda gross unless it was medication.

"I don't know if I should." I answered as the waiter brought our food over and refilled our drinks.

"Have you ever had high sex?" He questioned.

"Calum, the last person I had sex with was you and we were both sober."

"The last time we had sex was like four months ago." He commented as he ate.

"You think I don't know that?" I asked eating my food. "Can I try that?" I asked and he nodded pushing his plate closer so I could try the shrimp while he took a piece of steak off my plate. "Pretty good."

"Yeah this place is good." He commented. Once we finished eating he pulled out a huge wad of cash and slapped some of it down on the table.

"Jesus Christ." My jaw fell open.

"Let's go, babydoll." He said helping me stand before resting his hand on my back and leading me out the front door. Although Calum was a bad guy, he always knew how to treat a lady. He always knew to respect them and their bodies. The first time we had sex he was so afraid that he was going to hurt me, he was adorable.

I held his hand as we walked. I had no idea how many people knew Calum, I had no idea if anyone at anytime was going to try to murder him for his money or his drugs. I wasn't sure who he was working with all I knew was that at any time this could become dangerous.

"Ashton!" I shouted as we entered the house running to hug him.

"Hi!" He answered holding me. "How are you?"

"Really good." I smiled. "I have leftovers for you." I smiled handing him the box. "How's your mom?"

"She's good. Really good." He answered opening the box and eating the leftover steak with his fingers. "Are you guys just gonna hang out?" He questioned.

"Yeah." Calum answered going over to the coffee table and pulling the top off. Ashton and I both watched him as he began pulling out baggies and filling them each with drugs. "I first have to go meet up with some people. 20 minutes tops." He commented.

"Calum, that's so dangerous."

"I gotta pay the bills somehow." He answered kissing my cheek and heading off out the door.

"Why do you let him do that stuff?"

"I'm not one to talk." He commented and my eyes widened. "I only sell it, I don't do any of the drugs. And I have a regular job it's just to help pay for food."

"Ashton Irwin I cannot believe you." I said. "Is Calum being safe?" I questioned.

"Not really. Safe from the cops yes but he get's high a lot. Not every day but I still feel like he's going overboard." I sighed. I had no idea what we should do. "You gonna have sex when he get's back?" He questioned.

"Probably." I answered, I knew I shouldn't be sleeping with him. I knew that he was dangerous and I knew that he was doing drugs. I should get him help instead of using him for sex.

"Why do you sleep with him?" He questioned almost as if he was jealous that I was sleeping with Calum and not him.

"He's good." I shrugged. "Does he sleep with a lot of people?" I questioned.

"Not really. Maybe once a month he brings someone back. What he does during the day, I don't know." He answered and I nodded. Not even 20 minutes later Calum was back. "I'm gonna go hang with Luke." Ashton commented. I knew he just didn't want to hear us.

"Alright, bye dude." Calum answered as he dragged me to his room. "So drugs."

"I don't wanna do drugs." I commented. "Maybe we shouldn't do this anymore if it's going to involve drugs."

"Fine. No drugs." He answered sitting down on the bed. I began to strip for him. "God you're pretty."

"You only tell me that when I'm taking out my titties." I giggled sitting on his lap and taking my bra off.

"I also only hit you up when I'm high." 

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