The Art of Surviving High School

Oliver is a small boy obsessed with big sweaters who is starting his Junior year at Campbell High(yes, like the soup). He is hoping this year will be better than the last one, but things start going down hill. Starting with the fact that Jordan, his least favorite person is in his Ceramics class, and he is falling for his long-time friend Milo, and his dad seems more distant than ever. Will he survive Junior year?


2. Chapter 1

I Sighed as the car pulled into my schools old and in need of a paint-job parking lot. Summer vacation was over and I was not looking forward to junior year. As soon as the car stopped at the curb I opened the door and hopped out.

“Bye.” I muttered. My dad just rolled his eyes in response.

“Don’t come home with a broken arm this time.” He huffed. I blushed at the memory of last years first day at school. I shut the door and shrugged my backpack onto my shoulders, turning to walk towards the entrance of Campbell High. (Yes, like the soup)

I started listing off happy things in my head, a thing I do whenever i get nervous. I don't have P.E this year, I don't have to be at home, I have a new adorable pink sweater with patches on the elbows (which I am wearing now), Bryce graduated last year, and I see Milo is in our usual spot…

I stop my list and wave to Milo as I head over to him. He smiles and stands from his slouched position.

“Did you get taller?” I ask

“Did you get shorter?” He grins. I lightly punch his arm.

Milo and I have been friends since 6th grade when I moved here. Milo is tall, blonde, and dresses like a skater punk, with double ear piercings and snake bites he looks Intimidating but is actually a total softie.

“Nice sweater by the way.” Milo Pointed out.

“Thanks I got it from Shar-” All of a sudden I was interrupted by a shriek.

“Oliver!” A voice yelled, a voice i knew all too well.

“Sharon!” I yelled back when I spotted her running over. She basically crashed into me and we hugged.

“I’m here too.” Milo teased

“Get over here sasquatch.” Sharon chuckled and hugged Milo. Sharon became friends with Milo and I in freshman year, we met in art class. She’s a couple inches taller than me with dark hair and caramel skin and round glasses.

“What classes do you have Oliver” Sharon asked me, while pulling out a neatly folded list from her pocket.

“I have Honors English first, then Ceramics, then Spanish two, then Pre-Cal, Then Psych.” I listed off slowly.

Sharon pouted, “we only have one class together, but its ceramics so it should be fun.” I nodded in agreement.

“I should have taken ceramics too!” Milo groaned. He had decided to take advanced drawing and painting this year instead.

“Yeah, why didn’t you take it with us?” I questioned.

“It’s because he things Mr. Buntly is hot!” Shearon teased.  Milo’s face turned pink.

“No i don’t!” He protested.

“ Whatever,” Sharon rolled her eyes, “what classes do you have. Milo listed his classes and he and Sharon had a few together.

“We have Pre-Cal and Psych together.” I smiled. He reached down to give me a high five right as the bell rung.

“See ya in class Oliver!” Sharon called.

“Bye!” I waved and with a sigh, started heading to Ms. Steeple’s class.

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