The Art of Surviving High School

Oliver is a small boy obsessed with big sweaters who is starting his Junior year at Campbell High(yes, like the soup). He is hoping this year will be better than the last one, but things start going down hill. Starting with the fact that Jordan, his least favorite person is in his Ceramics class, and he is falling for his long-time friend Milo, and his dad seems more distant than ever. Will he survive Junior year?


1. Authors Note

Hi guys!

My name is Jane and this is an original story with original characters. Lets go over a few things before we start.

1. Cunstrucive Critisizm is welcome!

2. If you don't like LGBT people or stories, don't be rude or don't read!

3. If you'd like a cameo in the story send me your characters name and a short description of their personality and looks 


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