Born to Rule

When the clans don't think a woman could be a good leader, Faye MacFirea decides to take matters into her own hands to prove that she is a suitable heir to the five clans.


2. Chapter I

"When I woke up that day, I had no idea anything of what was to come. But even after all the pain, heartbreak, and death that was to come... if I had the choice to do something else, I'd do it all over again."




Faye ran around chasing the little boy and giggling. She followed him around a woman but ran right into the legs of another one, "oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't see...," she began, as she looked up at the woman in front of her. She had full red lips and high cheekbones. Her bright green eyes resembled emeralds, and she had small wrinkles in the corners, suggesting she laughed and smiled lots. Faye found that hard to believe. The woman she knew rarely smiled, much less laughed. Her eyebrows had a perfect soft arch. Her figure had a certain similarity to an hourglass, decorated with chocolate copper hair that reached to just above her waist, which she wore in a braided knot on top of her head. Her shirt was dark green like seaweed, and she wore a skirt with a tartan pattern with colours of the MacFirea clan, "you... Hello mother," Faye finished.

"What are you doing?" Asked her mother,

"I was just, um, playing with that little boy over there." Said Faye, and scratched her neck.

"Ah. And when were you planning on getting ready for the festivities?" Asked her mother, and raised an eyebrow.

"Now?" said Faye hopefully.

"Aye. Get on with it then." Said her mother, and Faye ran into the fortress, "gracefully, please!" Her mother called from behind her, and Faye slowed down to a walk to try and please her mother and attempted to walk gracefully. Unfortunately, she tripped on a rock and fell on her arse. A manservant came running and stretched out his hand to help her up. Faye took it and got to her feet, "thank you, Willie," said Faye, as she brushed the dirt off her skirt, and walked inside. She hurried up the stairs to her bedchamber where her handmaiden was waiting impatiently, "there you are!" she cried, "I have been looking for you everywhere!"
"I beg your pardon, Leitis." The elderly woman studied Faye for a moment without saying a word. She opened the dresser, and pulled out a light blue gown, that Faye didn't think she'd worn ever before, and maybe not seen either. It was beautiful. The blue was the same shade as the sky, however, it was very plain and simple. In Faye's opinion, that was part of the charm. Leitis had prepared for a bath, which Faye took, not so gracefully. When the cold water poured over Faye's body she got such a shock that she accidentally smacked Leitis right across the face, so she dropped the bucket right on top of Faye's head, "Christ, that was cold!" Faye said, panting. "I am so sorry
Leitis, begging your pardon," Faye said. She felt very guilty for smacking Leitis.

"It's alright," said the handmaid, and helped dry Faye off, and began to dress her. When Leitis had finished, she pulled Faye over to the looking glass. Faye stared at herself in astonishment. She hardly recognised herself so... clean. Her hair was made into a braided coiffure and she wore a blue lace ribbon around her neck. Faye looked at herself. At her fiery auburn brown hair, dark blue eyes, that sometimes reminded her of an ocean. They seemed empty, yet they were full of so many mysteries and undiscovered talents. Her face was shaped like a heart and she had the same high cheekbones, and full dark rep lips as her mother. In a way, she had the same hourglass-like figure too, but her shoulders were broader, and she was more masculinely built than most women of "such fine breeding" as her mother would call it. Faye nearly ran down the stairs to the throne room, where most people had already assembled. As she began to walk through, the spectators cleared a path for her so she didn't have to shove past, and creating a clear view of her parents. Her father for once wore a clean white shirt, tucked into his kilt - of course in MacFirea colours. He ran his right hand through his messy auburn hair, trying to adjust it. Her mother stood next to him, in some ways reminding her of a swan in her elegance. She wore a gown with a tartan pattern on the outer side of the skirts, the stomacher and petticoat had a beautiful floral pattern with a white background. They smiled at Faye as she walked towards her mother, who stretched her hand out a little bit. Faye took it and stepped up beside her, "Thank ye all for comin', to celebrate this happy day of my beautiful daughter; Faye's birthday." Said Seumas, "Enjoy,"

The people started talking and drinking. Faye looked around the crowd, uninterested in the festivities. Through the crowd, a man attracted her attention. She couldn't see much, however, she could see that he had light brown hair, a square defined jaw, and was as big as an oak tree. She looked over her shoulder and then back but the man was gone. She stepped down from the platform and got herself a glass of wine which she swallowed in nearly 5 seconds. She put the glass away and slipped out the door, into the hallway where she made her way out into the stables. As she walked through the courtyard she saw two figures stumbling into a wall. It was clearly a female and male figure, and somehow the male one seemed familiar, but she couldn't quite place it until they stumbled into the light. Faye didn't focus much on the woman but she recognized the man almost immediately. It was the man she had seen through the crowd, sticking his tongue down the woman's throat. Suddenly, the man looked up, and straight at her. Faye cleared her throat and kept walking into the stables where she found her horse; Saphira. She was dark brown and had a white forehead with eyes similar to sapphires, which is why Faye named her Saphira. Faye stroked her forehead and began to brush her with some hay.

"Not in the festive mood?" Asked a warm voice behind Faye. She looked out of the corner of her eye and saw the shadow of the man from before.

"Not especially," replied Faye, "however, it dinna seem like you weren't. You actually looked to be enjoying yourself quite well, y'ken?" The man chuckled and Faye looked up, and the man stepped into the stall. Faye studied him carefully as he began to stroke Saphira's forehead like Faye had done just a few moments ago. He had light, messy, ash brown hair, that fell in over his left eye. His eyes were hazel brown, he had thin, light brown lips, very defined cheekbones and a very short beard. Beard. More like long stubbles. "Aye," said the man.
"Who are ye?" Asked Faye

"That's a very broad question," said the man, and continued to stroke the horse.
"Yer name'll do," said Faye, studying his movements carefully.

The man looked up and straight at her. Faye suppressed a shutter. He took two quick steps, and suddenly he was just a few centimetres away from her. Faye felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest. "Seathan," he said, quietly, his voice slightly hoarse.

Faye cleared her throat, "is it really necessary for you to stand so close?" She took a step back. And Seathan followed. "Why? Does it make ye uncomfortable?" He removed a lock of hair from her face and placed it behind her ear. Faye didn't answer. "Don't worry lass. I have somewhere to be." Seathan turned around and walked away, Faye exhaled, stood there for a few moments and then decided to go to her bedchambers to sleep. She was about to open the door when she heard a voice behind her.
"Ye never were one for big festive events, were ye lassie?" Faye turned around to look at her father. "Happy birthday Faye," said her father

"Thank you,"

"I remember when you were born, I was about to go out on a hunting trip with the others. And then your mother went into labour, so I decided to stay. You were the smallest babe, y'ken? Yer head could fit into my hand, I was always so afraid of breaking ye." He chuckled, "I should've known better, no one can break ye lass. Yer strong," Someone wrapped their hand around her mouth. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was her father jumping up and leaping forward. When she woke up she felt dizzy, she grabbed her head trying to remember what had happened. When her sight cleared she saw two men, one of which seemed to be her father, and then she saw a long shiny object directed at him, his own sword on the stone floor behind next to him with his hands held slightly up. He looked over at her and then back at the other man. Faye looked frantically around until her eyes rested on the sword. She quickly crawled over to it, grabbed it, and stuck it up under the ribs of the man who turned around and looked at her, his eyes widened, and then fell over and hit the ground. She breathed heavily, staring at the man who she had just killed. "Faye...," said a weak voice behind her. She looked around to see her father pale as a cloud clenching his stomach. He removed his hand which was soaked in a dark red fluid. The same fluid was streaming from his stomach soaking the white shirt.
"Father?" Her heart started beating faster. He fell to the ground and Faye crawled over to him
, "father?" She repeated. "Help! Don't worry, ye'll get better. Somebody help me!"

Her father raised his hand and put it on her arm, "shh, it's alright lass." He said weakly, "There... there comes a time in all our lives where we aren't meant to get better lass. When I'm... when I'm gone, ye... ye must take over as lady. Ye mustn't let them tell ye that you can't do it, lass...," he croaked, "yer strong. And you don't need some laddie telling you what to do or taking over. Ye're a good lass, and I... I love... ye... and yer mother, tell her that," he exhaled and his head tilted to the side.

"Father?" Asked Faye, desperately, "help! Father! Please don't leave me...," she begged and wiped away a tear that rolled down her cheek, "Father... Someone help me! Anybody!" She felt a set of arms wrap around her, but not in the same way as it had when she was being attacked, this was warm and comforting. She sat there being embraced and crying, as she realised that the body behind her was also shaking... crying... Faye grabbed one of the hands holding her, and carefully turned her head to look at the person behind her. It was her mother.


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