The madhouse

This is a story about a Prison run by the government to contain Supernatural beings that pose a threat to the population.
Cover Art by BadassJem


3. The Wendigo

He wasn’t the only Wendigo in this house of horrors, but he was the only one to be adopted by “normal” parents after his mother and father had died. He had lived a normal life until two years ago, when his powers had awakened and he had devoured everyone he cared about. That day was both the best and worst day of his life… on the one hand he had realised his true potential as he grew stronger, faster, smarter and more perceptive with each feasting. But on the other, he had killed them. All of them. His parents. His friends. His bullies. ALL OF THEM. It hadn’t taken long for the people in charge to realise that flesh was the only thing to keep them from wasting away. Also, that that flesh empowered them. Their solution had been ingenious. Slightly illegal, but who cared anyway? THEY were the ones who made the laws. Cloned flesh. Meat that only served to sustain them. He had thrown the meat into the cell, forcing him to eat it off the floor. He didn’t care. He was STARVING. There was nothing left by the time he was finished. Here in shady Acres insane asylum you had to take what you could get.
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