The madhouse

This is a story about a Prison run by the government to contain Supernatural beings that pose a threat to the population.
Cover Art by BadassJem


7. The Cerberus protocol

It spread through the prison like wildfire. Riot. klaxons wailed. warnings were blared through speakers. warnings went unheeded. mystical energies swirled around the canteen like malevolent storm clouds, striking down men and women on the whims of their controllers. Jerry and Barry went to leave the whirling maelstrom of chaos and ruin tearing the canteen of chrome and steel to shreds, but a man stood in their way. a man stood in their way. John. of course it was John. there was no talk. no witty banter before blows were exchanged. Barry bounded forward, batting the sparking hand aside and slamming into the scarred man. John smiled as he sent numerous bolts of searing electricity into Barry's body, only his newfound resistance to electricity keeping him from blacking out in pain. he smashed his head into Johns nose in return. his eyes watered as blood streamed down his face. Barry pushed his advantage, gripping his enemies head by the ears and repeatedly slammed his cranium into the concrete on which they struggled. Barry staggered up, drained. he noticed he was still holding a piece of his defeated foe, he downed it before thinking. he felt refreshed immediately, the mimicked power taken from Johns flesh grew as he assimilated more of his being into him. his rest did not last long as he saw what guards the prison did have retreating after receiving an order on their headsets. Barry heard a whisper along the chaotic wind that howled throughout the room "Cerberus protocol engaged, i repeat Cerberus protocol engaged..." "oh fuck" Barry whispered knowing it was too late to stop what was going to happen. Hulking metal monstrosities emerged through the door, machine guns whirring up to speed, he dived for cover as a stream of rubber bullets tore into the crowd. punching all but the luckiest of the rioters into submission. and just as quickly as it began it ended. it ended to the sound of cooling metal and bruising flesh.

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