The madhouse

This is a story about a Prison run by the government to contain Supernatural beings that pose a threat to the population.
Cover Art by BadassJem


2. The cell

He was a wendigo, he had not realised this grim fact until it was too late. Too late, to stop him feasting on his friends flesh on his 18th birthday. He needed to feed; he took no pleasure from it. He just needed to feed. The madhouse they had incarcerated him in was no ordinary asylum; the government had built it to contain that which they did not understand. That which they feared. Something was coming… something strange. He could feel it; despite this, his enhanced senses could not make sense of it. Something unnatural. It was coming for something at the very heart of this facility. A harsh banging on his door snapped him back to reality, “Mealtime ya disgusting freak!” bellowed Larry; the head of security. Holding a platter of dubious meat just out of his reach. He liked to do this sometimes, make the inmates lives hell. No one knew why, all they knew was that he took great pleasure in tormenting them. “c’mon, man I’m hungry.” “Yeah well you should have thought about that before you killed those kids” “I DIDN’T KNOW!” screamed the inmate “I didn’t know…” he retreated into the corner, tears streaming down his distorted features.
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