The madhouse

This is a story about a Prison run by the government to contain Supernatural beings that pose a threat to the population.
Cover Art by BadassJem


11. Prisoner 0

it walked along the lab-white corridors smiling to itself as it went. it felt the thing inside squirming under its immense pressure. he was weakening. this was good. very good. it had taken less time than even its most optimistic projections. a black metal door loomed over everything in the corridor, it looked out of place in such a white area. but it didn't need the visual clues to tell what was behind this door. great power. writing, fighting, receding and resurging all in the time it took to blink. it's pure power was beautiful. and it wanted to be free. it walked up to the door, whispering prayers and dark pacts incomprehensible to human ears as it went and reached for the door handle.
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