The madhouse

This is a story about a Prison run by the government to contain Supernatural beings that pose a threat to the population.
Cover Art by BadassJem


6. new friends, old enemies

It had been two weeks since they had met, the wolf and the Wendigo, and they had spent their time together well. especially without John and his troublemaking. 'Why are there no guards?" asked Jerry "there are, but they have long given up on stopping us fighting, so they don't do anything unless we make them by rioting, not going to our cells when told to or by attacking any of the staff" "that's very odd" "not really when you consider all the people and their powers here, they changed it a while ago after they realized how high their death toll was..." something in the air made him pause. it was charged. like the air before a lightning strike. "Shit" It began...

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