The madhouse

This is a story about a Prison run by the government to contain Supernatural beings that pose a threat to the population.
Cover Art by BadassJem


9. New arrivals

There were people in the cells next to him, they were new. they didn't understand the rules yet, they would soon.

"THIS IS BULLSHIT!" shouted the one to the left "WHAT DID I DO? NOTHING! THAT'S WHAT, BUT I'M STILL LOCKED UP IN HERE ANYWAY.. YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUT!" Barry felt a surge of heat and heard a startled yelp. "the floors in these cells can be electrified if we don't behave" He told her "so don't bother" something was happening in the cell to his left now, "HA, NOT SO CLEVER ARE YA!" she taunted as he heard the tortured scream of abused steel. Somehow she was tearing the door apart without being electrocuted. He heard the slam of the doors weight against the cell door opposite it, the wailing of sirens and the screams of agony as he listened to their hearts being starved of blood through some unknown power. Then silence. she had ripped the alarms off the walls seconds after her victims had died... she was doing the impossible. the unthinkable. she was ESCAPING. she was obviously telekinetic... and had used her powers to lift herself of the floor while ripping off the door and stop blood flowing into the staffs hearts. and now she was using it to reduce the hard concrete walls to rubble. within seconds she was outside, Barry could see her now, out through his one way cell window, she was fling towards the neighboring forest, even Barry knew that if she made it there they would never find her. she never even got halfway, a suppressed muzzle flash on the roof, milliseconds later her head cracked open like an egg. Body recovery and disposal teams were already cleaning up the dead bodies. the crisp hard white B.R.A.D lettering on their jackets labeling people as staff, not escaping inmates. it was over.

"Whats your name?" he asked "Jemima" the prisoner in the cell to his left said

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