The madhouse

This is a story about a Prison run by the government to contain Supernatural beings that pose a threat to the population.
Cover Art by BadassJem


5. A new friend

He smiled and followed the wolf. he was new here, and he liked him. it walked into a nearby cell, it knew he was following him. he walked calmly and slowly into the cell after him. he saw it instantly, hiding in a dark corner of the cell, growling at him. he raised his hands "my name is Barry" he said slowly "that was a very impressive display back there, not many people have taken John down, and I would spit it out if I were you..." the wolf angled its head to one side inquisitively "cuz' if you swallow that chunk of meat you ripped out of john you will regret it, a wolf who feasts on human flesh grows to desire nothing else.." it spat out the chunk instantly and started to grow with the cracking of bones snapping back into place. "what's your name?" asked Barry "Jerry" replied the shapeshifter "well jerry I have a feeling we will get along, you want me to show you around?" "If you don't mind." replied Jerry "I wouldn't at all, just give me a sec" he said as he downed the chunk of John in one go. "Hey! I thought you said you would become addicted to human flesh if you did that" "I said a wolf would become addicted, and besides I'm a wendigo. being addicted to humans is basically my entire 'thing' so we both benefited from you spiting John out." smiling as he felt a new power growing inside him, nowhere near as strong as John's but there. "Come... ill show you around."

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