The Quiet Boys, Matt and Owen

Mature Content.
Two quiet friends ask me to help them move. I do and then find the two boys only have one bed.
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2. Part 2 – Us Three Boys

 It’s been a few weeks sense I’ve seen Matt and Owen. The time I helped them move their stuff from one apartment to another, it was a lot of fun for the three of us. I admit, I’ve have fantasized about it and them many times!

 I was over at the grocery store one day, I was just getting some stuff and there they are. The two of them with there cart smiling at me. I jokingly crash myself into their cart and the three of us laugh and shock hands. We talked some and I found out they’ve been on a lot of overtime and they were thinking of calling me. “Jon, where back on our regular hours now, maybe you could stop over?” Matt said, while smiling at Owen. “I’d like to see you guys again, we had a lot of fun last time!” I said, trying not to giggle.

 “Let’s do it Jon! There won’t be any moving furniture this time!” Owen laughed. Then Matt said, while winking at me and Owen. “Come on over for a pizza, this Friday night, around six?” I sort of giggled. “OK, guys I’ll be over.” The two of them then giggled too and pushed their cart over to check-out.

 That night and the next day, it was hard not to think about those two boys. I even jacked-off that night just thinking about them. Both of them 20ish like me and both fuck’en good looking. Owen has black hair, he’s tall and thin like me, Matt though is a little shorter, he’s super cute with his blond hair and he even has blond pubic hair! Both of them have nice tight abs and pec’s, and they say, they work-out a lot. (You see now why I was jacking-off that night.)

 I stopped in that next Friday, Owen opened the door, there he was just in a t-shirt and underwear. It being winter, I just sort of wondered. I walked in and we talked some and then I see Matt over in the kitchen and him too just in his underwear washing dishes. I just said; “Hey Matt” as I took off my coat. “Hey Jon, take most of your stuff off. We got the heat tuned up high!

 I took my over-shirt off, sat down and was taking my shoes and socks off, when Matt said; “That’s better Jon. We were working out earlier so, we had the heat turned up.” I stood there wondering what’s next, me in my t-shirt and jeans and them in mainly just in their underwear. (I had no underwear on under my jeans) I looked over and now both of them were in their open kitchen area, looking at me whispering and smiling.  “Something wrong?” I asked. “No Jon, sit down and we’ll join you.” They said. The two of them walked over, as Owen pulls off his shirt.

 “We thought we’d get started Jon, if you don’t mine, we ordered a pizza for later.” With me sitting on the couch, the two of them came over and knelt on the floor in front of me. “Jon, we’ve thought about you a lot since the time you helped us move.” Owen said. Then Matt said; Ya Jon, you’re like us, you’ve been working out like us and you are, well… just a nice guy!” I swallowed hard, I’m not use to complements and there I am, two super cute guys at my feet. I just said; “You guys payed me back for helping you that time!” They both petty much then said; “We’d like to pay you some more, if you’ll let us!” 

 Owen then started to undo my jeans as Matt got up and went around the back of the couch and pulled off my shirt. He then started to kiss me, around my neck and then on the lips. He stopped a minute, pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. I could see Matt’s half-hard pecker jump out.

 I then looked down and saw Owen now had my pants down as he started on my hard cock. Boy it felt good but that was just the start! Matt then came back around and the two of them worked on my cock. They would lick up the sides of my cock, then meet up at the tip and start to kiss one another. That was the sexiest things I ever saw!

 Matt then sat on my lap and kissed me. Our two hard cocks rubbing together, I then reach down and jacked-us-off together. As we did that, Owen got himself undressed and lubed himself up. With Matt still on my lap, I spread my legs apart and Owen inserted his nice cock up Matt’s rear-end. Matt on my lap, me stroking our cocks while we kissed and Owen ramming his cock into Matt’s rear-end harder and harder. I think one of the best things I ever done! 😉

 The three of us were feeling really good now, when the doorbell rings. It was the pizza man, Owen slowly pulled himself out, quickly grabbed his shorts and went over to the door. Matt and I slowly got up and listened. We could hear Owen talking to the pizza man around the corner and then it all went silent. Owen and the pizza man (Chip) came around the corner, them both smiling at the naked Matt and I.

 Owen said; “Jon this is Chip, he’s a friend of ours” I just sort of mumbled; “Hey Chip” Me standing there with Matt, us both naked and still half-hard. Chip then said; “Fuck you guys, I wish I could join you but, got a lot of stops yet!” Chip was super tall, sexy hair, kind of a “hillbilly accent” and super cute. It turns out, Matt and Owen sometimes “get it on” with Chip when he brings them a free pizza. Owen and Chip headed back to the door talking as Matt and I slip on our shorts.         

 The three of us then sat down in the main room, just in our underwear and had some pizza. Believe it or not, it made me kind of horny, watching those two good looking boys eat their pizza. When we each had a slice or two, the quiet boys talked some, looked up at me and said; “Jon, you’re our guest, we’ll take care of you first!” They both stood up dropped their shorts. Matt had my half-hard cock back to rock-hard in a second, with him sucking me off, as Owen kisses me. None of this took very long, with me doing my best to jack them off while they worked on me. I lost it and Matt looks up at me and smiled, some of my cum still on his nose.

 “Now to pay you guys back. How about I just get in the middle.” I said. Then Matt said; “Sounds good Jon!” I then grab their lube off the table, greased up my ass up some and held the tube up smiling at both of them. They just look at one another and Owen grabs the tube with a smile. I then turned, bent over and start sucking on Matt’s long-hard cock. I just loved licking the veins he’s got in it when he’s that hard! Owen then lubes up his hard-on and slowly pushes it up my ass. I then sort of moaned, with Matt’s cock still in my mouth. He then grabbed my hips and the three of us work on getting some sort of rhythm. Me sucking Matt and Owen fucking me up the ass. Wow!

 This all got me back to half-hard just doing it, I then felt the warm cream in my mouth from Matt and soon Owen’s cream was up my ass!  When the two of them slowed down and were just breathing hard, I stood up, gave Matt a hug and then with Owen still up my ass, joined our hug. It really was a great finish! Matt and I kissed, I then turned and kissed Owen. Are three warm bodies together. None of us said anything, we just stood there a moment, hugged and smiled at one another. 😊

Next time, that nice guy Chip can maybe joins us…

 End of Part 2    

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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