The Quiet Boys, Matt and Owen

Mature Content.
Two quiet friends ask me to help them move. I do and then find the two boys only have one bed.
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1. Part 1 - A Moving Experience

 I’m one of those guys that are glad to help out friends and often do. On this occasion, two buddies of mine needed help moving from one apartment to another and since I have a pick up, they gave me a call. As with my other friends & family, the only payment for such things is a can or two of beer, this time it was more. I’m told to meet my buddies at their old apartment around noon.

 The next day I’m there around 11 am, the doors blocked open and I head inside and see they got most everything already boxed up. I’ve known these guys, Matt and Owen, a year or two and they’re always been super nice to me, so this is no big deal to me. As you’ve maybe seen in my other stories I’m kind of a loner and tend mind my own business. I also tend not to ask too many questions. So, when I saw they just had one mattress to move, I thought I better ask so not to forget one.

 I did ask them about the second mattress and Owen smiles at me, puts his arm on Matt’s shoulder, and said “we only got one… we’ll show you about that later” They then look at one another and smile. We then loaded up the king size mattress, the box spring, and box or two and headed out.

 Their new apartment was fuck’n nice, big, roomy and clean. The only problem with it, it’s on the third floor. We tossed most of the boxes in their garage, took the cooler upstairs and then started on the king-sized mattress. To get it and that box spring upstairs was a chore. We did it and so we just crashed. As we lay on the mattress, I then said, “Should we go for another load”? Again, they just smiled at me, looked at one another and smiled. Matt then says, “Let’s have a beer, there’s only one small load left” Then they both start to laugh. I just shrug my shoulders. “Oh well”

 We all three grabbed a beer and sat down on the mattress, that’s pretty much all we had up there, other than the beer. We just sat there, bull-shitting about moving and other stuff. We talked about being almost 20, our jobs and/or school, me with a house and them with apartment.

 Owen then pulls his shirt off and Matt takes it and wipes the sweat off his back. I simply said, “It’s kind of hot up here, do you guys have air?” Matt says, “Ya, but it not on, I’ll help you out”. He then comes up in front of me grabs my t-shirt and pulls it over my head. Then says “That’s nice” He then runs his fingers up and down my abs. Owen then goes and closes the apartment door turns around and they both (again) just smile at me.

 Matt then pulls his shirt over his head, then still in front of me, unbuttons the fly of my jeans. He looks me in the eye and says, “Do you mind?” Owen then said “Jon, this is only if you want too” I got kind of nervous than just said “I sort of want too, I think, do you guys want to?” They then at the same time, both just said, “Yes!” and start to get undressed. And are they fast, everything off but their draws and they both come over to me and have my shoes and jeans off in second. 

 I was sort of catching on they had this all planned out. Matt & Owen already were getting hard and seeing that made me hard. Matt then said “Don’t worry, we’ll take our time, OK?” I then told them; “I’ve done it with other guys but not with two guys”. They again smiled and laughed. Then the two of them came up to me and slowly pulled down my draws, my cock that was halfway hard, jumped out. They also did there own and I could see they were both “hard as rock” of course that made me harder. Owen said, “Lets start with a chain, do you know what I mean”? I said, “I think so” 

 We got on the mattress and gave one another a blowjob in a circle for quite some time. Believe it or not those two lost it first. And did they cum! It felt like a fuck’n gallon Matt gave me, but I drank it (as much as I could) down. Then I lost mine (took me longer probably I was so nervous) and I didn’t have a gallon but had my share.

 Then the landlord lady started knocking on the door, Matt quick put just his pants on an answered it. They talked in the hall; Owen & I quickly got dressed and got the last load moved in.

 I was due to go out to dinner that night so that was the end of our three-way, well, for that day anyway… ;)

 End of Part 1

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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