The Knight of Grim Tidings A novel

London, England, 1435.

Lord Charles Aitken, a rich man in England, tells a story about The Knight of Grim Tidings, a sinster figure of legend, who spells evil to those who live there.


12. The Knight of Grim Tidings-Part Twelve


Lord Justice Mather gazed at the group of lawyers at the London Court. He wore a white wig on his head, and black lawyer's clothes. His black socks were shining. He strode forward towards the huge building where everyone awaited trials. "I dare say, that the hysteria towards the Knight of Grim Tidings, is verging on terror. I've asked Sir Bodkin Tripp to oversee the matter". He glanced at the other lawyers. Then he went inside, and spoke to his client, Rainer van Door, a German industrialist, who was charged with the death of his wife, Anna van Door two year's ago.


Sir Bodkin Tripp, thirty, gazed at his wife, Essie. 

"Dear, I shall be away from you this day because of the Knight of Grim Tidings matter". Essie nodded. "Be safe, dear. I'll cook dinner when you come back". She smiled. She had short, grey hair, a black gown, and black boots on her feet. And a diamond wedding ring on her right, middle, finger. And she was twenty-five years' old. He had short, grey hair, hazel eyes, and tall. He wore a grey suit, black breeches, black socks, and black, polished, shoes on his feet. And a wedding ring on his right, middle, finger. He was determined not to feel bad; he was thinking about the growing darkness. Sir Bodkin Tripp opened the front door, then he got into his black carriage, and the coachman drove him down the cobbled road to Lord Charles's Mansion.

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