The Knight of Grim Tidings A novel

London, England, 1435.

Lord Charles Aitken, a rich man in England, tells a story about The Knight of Grim Tidings, a sinster figure of legend, who spells evil to those who live there.


3. The Knight of Grim Tidings-Part Three


The sense of acute nervousness happened inside Lord Charles's Mansion. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let me continue the tale. The Knight was seen in 1205 by Lord Franklin West, III; the Lord was fox hunting at night with his friends outside the moors when he saw the Knight. The horse's eyes were red. Some locals say that if you see the Knight, you'd be dead within a year of contact with the Knight; some holy Churchmen have taken time out of their sermons on Sunday mornings to tell worshippers not to go outside at night time. Whether or not it's true or not is up to God Himself, and Jesus Christ His son". Lady Elizabeth shivered. She had dreamed of marrying a Lord who was religious, a Christian, and was worthy of marriage. She glanced at Lord Charles. He smiled at her. "Pray tell, my Lady, what's on your mind?", he asked her. "Oh, my Lord. It's a most dreadful tale of terror that's written down in an old book; a dreadful tale written as a mocking terror of ill will towards all of us. A tale most horrible that I shall not seek company again once this awful night is over", she answered him. Lord Daniel, who was gasping at the news of her woe, said: "My Lady, I'll protect you from the Knight. Fear not; fear only Lord Charles's tale of terror". And she nodded. She stared forlornly at the fireplace, then she nodded. "My Lord, you're young and bold for a Lord", she said. Lord Daniel blushed. "I shall not see a beautiful, English Lady of means, be stricken by distress. May I ask you if you want some tea?". Lady Elizabeth smiled. "Tea will be lovely, my Lord". And she felt her heart beat faster, and knew that if she was letting the courting ritual be masterminded by Lord Charles, then love with Lord Daniel was the only thing that mattered as the early evening wore on.


Father Randall Y. Parker studied the Bible. "It is my Christian duty to expel the wicked knight from London", he said. He looked at Lord Charles. He nodded. "Expelling him won't be easy, Father. He is ​a legend". Lord Daniel shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He seemed to brood easily; he saw the look of angst as Lady Elizabeth sipped her warm tea. "My Lady, I shall leave here to take care of the knight". She stopped drinking. "Oh, no, my Lord. Lord Charles's tale is fiction...a legend...nothing more. Nothing less". She finished her tea. She excused herself from the table, and walked down the brightly-lit hallway towards the Ladies' Chambers, and left them waiting patiently for her return.


The Knight gripped the black reigns of the horse with his hands. He had waited patiently; he knew, deep down, that the fire and brimstone of Hell, wouldn't catch him. He was too smart; he was too eager to fight off Satan Himself; he was too quick for Mankind too drag himself; he was the Knight of London...and for him, death was something that worked itself into the psyche of the locals who saw the Knight...and shuddered with fear.

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