The Knight of Grim Tidings A novel

London, England, 1435.

Lord Charles Aitken, a rich man in England, tells a story about The Knight of Grim Tidings, a sinster figure of legend, who spells evil to those who live there.


10. The Knight of Grim Tidings-Part Ten


Lady Elizabeth begun writing her book in the study.

She sat down on a brown chair.

"​The Knight of Grim Tidings is a true story. In the cold, bitter, winter of 1415, a young boy was born. His parents loved him, and he was their pride and joy. Then, a decade later, in 1425, when he was ten, he watched his mother and father become ill with fever. After their deaths, he left school...and wasn't seen again until 1434 when he was nineteen. He became a Knight of dark tidings, and roamed the countryside of London and Scotland bringing terror to the village where he grew up...". Suddenly Lord Daniel knocked on the door. "My Lady, I don't want to impose on your writing", he said. She smiled. "Nay, my Lord. I am glad to have a break. Besides, my book shall be published in two months or so. Would you like some tea?", she asked him. "Yes, my Lady. I shall be travelling to the Stately Inn soon for business today. Lord Charles knows that. Besides, I will return tonight for dinner". Lady Elizabeth nodded. She glided towards a small kitchen. As she boiled the water, she poured the tea in two cups. "Wait a moment my Lord, it's hot". Lord Daniel nodded. He sat down on his seat, and Lady Elizabeth served the teas. Lord Daniel waited. He saw Father Randall Y. Poster. "Lord Daniel, Lady Elizabeth. I have had heard news that the Knight shall return tomorrow night". Lord Daniel gasped. "I fear so, Father. It's a most dreadful way to deal with the terror", he said. "Would you like some tea, Father?", Lady Elizabeth asked. "Yes, my Lady. That would be delightful", Father Randall Y. Poster answered her. And she smiled. Then she poured the third cup of tea, and served it to him.


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