The Knight of Grim Tidings A novel

London, England, 1435.

Lord Charles Aitken, a rich man in England, tells a story about The Knight of Grim Tidings, a sinster figure of legend, who spells evil to those who live there.


4. The Knight of Grim Tidings-Part Four


Lady Elizabeth washed her hands.

She stared at herself in the grey mirror. I look beautiful​, she thought to herself. She opened the door, then she walked down the hallway. On the grey walls were framed pictures of Lord Charles, Lady Emily, his wife, and their four children: Amy, six; John, five; Margaret, four; and Simon, three. She opened the glass doors, and smiled. 

"My Lord Charles, sorry about the delay". 

"Fear not, my Lady. We're all about to rest. It's been a long evening. I'll resume the tale tomorrow", Lord Charles said, "...Good night! And sleep well". And he smiled. Lord Daniel kissed Lady Elizabeth, and watched her leave.


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