The Knight of Grim Tidings A novel

London, England, 1435.

Lord Charles Aitken, a rich man in England, tells a story about The Knight of Grim Tidings, a sinster figure of legend, who spells evil to those who live there.


11. The Knight of Grim Tidings-Part Eleven


Margaret Tomlinson shivered in the warm morning sun.

"Mother! I have to go to school", she said. She had short, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and petite; she wore a white uniform, black socks, and black shoes on her feet. As she passed her mother's bedroom, she pondered on the fact that she had seen the Knight of grim tidings three night's ago. She wanted to tell Father as well. But he was too busy in London to care about the rantings of a legend; he was a respected doctor of medicine for twenty years. She heard the meowing of her cat, Shadows. "I'll take care of you", she said. And, as she picked the cat up with her hands, she heard the sound of hooves coming down the cobbled road. ​No! No! No!​, she thought to herself; she saw the evil knight grip the reigns of the black horses. Their red eyes burned like Hell itself; their eyes were like flames. Margaret focused on the scared villagers. By 10:00 AM, Margaret stared at the windows. Her mother wasn't there. She walked towards the spacious kitchen. Ralf, the butler, was serving coffee and tea. "Lady Margaret. How are you this day?", he asked her. "I am well, Ralf. Where's Mother?", she said. "She's with the doctor; she's feeling ill", he conceded. "Ill! But...", she cried. "It's alright, child! Come with me", he said. And she walked down the thin hallway, and saw the dark carriage. Ralf opened the passenger-side door, and sat down on the black coloured seats. Ralf closed the door, and the coachman drove her to her school.

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