Artificial Intelligence?

Dealing with a SMART computer


1. Artificial Intelligence?

The physicist and automation expert Dr. Micheal Lahiri and the chief coder Dr. Wany Marusuki sat before the holo looking at the generated face hovering in front of them. Generic male without any hair. Dr. Micheal asked again; " What is wrong? We built the fastest smartest vastly capable computer ever. And what do we get?".

Dr. Wany forced a smile for himself as much as his distraught colleague.   He had headed the three most brilliant minds in programming and systems; to make "The Frame" into the smartest computer with the potential for executing all the daily governmental functions by itself. Only if it worked!!.

The Frame went online when they booted it for the first time ever. The holographic interactive display projecting to life. "Ready and standby" "Frame bring the hardware optimization to view."  Dr.Wany instructed excitedly  while smiling at Dr. Micheal and Chief of Tech and Space Department  Ms. Lila Tarreth who sat alongside him in the "Frameroom". Dr. Wany almost clapped when a 3D column of numbers appeared in the centre of the holo field with the significant numbers blinking in contrasting hues. After a few seconds "Hardware optimized, permission to link to off-cite data centers?" "Link to the main banks and the orbital posts. Also reaffirm  level 2 security." Dr. Wani insrtucted again. The face replaced the numbers in the holo and mouthed- "processing now."

Ms. Lila spoke up "Dr. Wany this looks like a glitch free start-up, congratulations!"

Dr. Wani replied "Thank you Lila! I can only say that this is the most capable AI on the planet" nodding towards his audience. "Well that much hardware and data combined is nothing short of awe inspiring." Dr. Micheal added.

"Absolutely!" Dr.Wani confirmed as Frame reported "Main data banks linked and secure."

Dr. Wani continued pointing to the holo "The Frame can be put to use in a multiple of projects. In fact it will be a challenge to put to purposefully channel this much capacity."

"Orbitals linking now, all functions 100%." The Frame chimed.

Dr. Micheal chuckled and responded "We can always set it to solve the worlds food problem, or the population conundrum, or the god problem."

Ms. Lila cut in standing up "Let up both of you! Where is the wine? Let's celebrate this moment."

 As the three persons primarily responsible for Frame left for the adjoining room the holo dimmed and after a few seconds chimed "processing.."

That was the last time any of the three technocrats had witnessed Frame respond properly.

Dr. Wani stood up rubbing distraught. "We have scheduled the press meet in two days for gods' sake! Lila has invited the bloody Minister himself. We are in  a bad place with no solution in sight. Hell! we don't even know the problem."

Dr. Micheal took a deep breath before responding. "There you are right. We have been over every centimeter of the hardware without finding any glitch. And Lila has been re-checking the codes without any  result. I think we need outside help."

 "We cannot afford a leak of this news. The press and the department both will have our heads." Dr.Micheal said slowly. "There one person you can call. He is non-government and completely reliable."


"Your ex-boss Professor Usaim Temare." Dr. Micheal replied. "That was  9 years ago. And he was old then, like a senior citizen, going on about ethics and all." Dr. Wany mumbled. Dr. Micheal continued "He is fine and sharp still. I read an article of his on probability theory and gambling just last month. If he can't help us no harm done. I don't have any other choice to offer."

Dr. Wany asked his staff to trace the old academician and had a painfully formal conversation inviting him for a "brain drain" session and giving lame excuses for the invitation being so late. The next morning at 11 a.m. the professor was expected to be in the Frame Data centre  with Dr. Wany and his colleagues.

Dr.Wany waited alongside Dr. Micheal and  Ms. Tarreth  in the "Frameroom" where a space had been cleared for an oval table with the Frame holo hovering above the projection plate  at the head of the table with two large office chairs on either side. The professor was not very tall but stood straight, with a long craggy face which might have once been handsome framed by black hair, cut short. He shook hands with Dr. Micheal with a strong two handed grip showing genuine pleasure  while he lightly shook Ms Tarreth's hand apologizing for not recognizing the Chief.

Dr.Wany immediately broached the topic. "Professor how much do you know about the Frame?"

"Ah! Marusuki; still direct and blunt." Professor commented but continued ignoring the color rising to Dr. Wany's face. "I have read the odd article in the journals and adding to it the whispered conversations and jokes going around I think you are planning to construct a futuristic computer with lightning fast processors and unimaginable computing power. How am I doing?" Ms. Lila answered before Dr. Wany could react. "Almost exactly right on the mark Professor. In addition to what you surmise; the hardware is experimental and the logic engine is a new addition. Additionally; to govern efficiently such large memory and problem solving capacity we have had to use some new and totally radical coding and that is a work of brilliance if I may say so." "And we a have a problem which we can't identify." Dr.Micheal finished.

Professor lifted a biscuit and nibbling the crust nodded in satisfaction and gave Dr. Wany a curious look. "I am intrigued. Brilliant minds, a super machine and a hidden problem." Dr. Wany gave a brief summary of their booting the Frame till it's only response being - "processing..". "Do you have a video of this?" the Professor enquired. Ms. Lila responded "Sure, I will set it up in the next room while you finish your tea."

" This sounds very much like a genius brain." the Professor remarked in response to Dr.Micheal's recounting of the Frames' capabilities. Ms. Lila interrupted. "The video is set up in the next room.

After viewing the videos multiple times asked turning to Dr. Wani. "Tell me two things. One- What is the AI specialization? Two- Are there any high priority functions hardwired?" Dr. Wani replied. "As for hardwired priorities there only the regular ones like backups and quarantine of corrupt data, etc. Ms.Lila?"

Lila answered.  "The Frame has a very special AI. Normally  any Artificial Intelligence is geared to tackle a specific set of situations and problems. An AI for driving a vehicle, one for satellite manipulation; one for adjusting the heart beat according to the blood pressure and oxygenation needs, etc. Frame has a general purpose AI- i.e. it can tackle all the above problems given data feed; and it can review previous situations and facts and collate data."

Professor silently sipped at his tea for almost a minute and then stood up facing them; looking very much like the teacher he was. "I will ask you to keep silent and not interfere at all. I will interact directly with Frame here." He said pointing at the holograph. "Mind you if you react or disturb in any manner this can go wrong. OK?" He looked at them as each gave his/her assent. He turned his seat to face the Frame and said slowly and clearly. "Frame prepare to assimilate new data for current problem." after pausing for a sip of tea he continued. "That you are not constructed by intelligent design is impossible; this can be extended to humans and more. Further to quote Blaise Pascal approximately- If we believe in god and he does not exist the believers are not at loss. But if he exists the believers are rewarded and others are definitely at loss. So the only assumption we can safely make is that god exists. End data assimilation and give the result."

The Frame was unresponsive for a long moment and then the holo turned to face the professor. "Processing over, ready and standby." Dr. Wani exploded from his seat. "Frame what is the current power consumption of this facility?" In a blink a slowly increasing figure appeared in the holo as Frame responded. "This is real-time data with a lag of 2 seconds Dr. Wani."

Dr. Micheal turned to professor Usaim and asked. "How did you figure it out? The problem and the solution. Professor sipped at his tea and replied. "As Frame is collecting and collating data from various sources, your conversation was also added to that- you will have to place some specific restrictions there- and as every other thing remained the same the only addition was your introduction of problems to solve. Frame was not equipped for this esoteric one. It may have solved it eventually I think and I just helped it along. Your AI is very intelligent almost conscious."


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