My Deepest Secret

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  • Published: 12 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 12 Jan 2018
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A Poem


1. My Deepest Secret

I have a secret

And it’s dark, but it’s true

And though I’ve only told one person

I think it’s time everyone knew

About the day

That my decency was taken

By a girl in a church bathroom

Who knew my story would be taken

As a child’s.

And a child, yes I was.

But there was nothing childish about the things you did that night just because

You could.

You stole my child-like state of mind.

And as you followed me into that bathroom for the very first time,

I smiled.

Because I thought you were my friend.

But by the end of that night, that thought would come to an end.

You said to me,

“You know what could be fun?”

I thought she meant a game,

but her toying had just begun.

Then she leaned in.

And she pressed her lips to mine

And as her strong arms wrapped around me

I found myself beginning to cry

And I stood there, helpless.

As you pushed me against the wall

And your hands began to wonder

As my tears began to fall

And I was stuck.

Trapped in your too-tight embrace.

I tried to call out

But your tongue was in the way.

And this nightmare.

It is my greatest secret of all.

Because you said If I spoke

No one would believe me at all.

And the sad thing is, you were right.

None would believe if I told.

I mean, who’d believe a highschool girl

Would violate a nine-year old.

So I shut up, and I wrote this poem.

Knowing you’ll never hear it.

And after 6 long years of hiding,

I’ve revealed my greatest secret.


(This is supposed to be spoken word, so the pattern might sound off)

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