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Victoria has a mother that died from cancer and a father, but no one knows what happen to him. Till now!


1. mother is sick

In New York City there was a 17 year old and her parents. Her mother was very ill and she had died from cancer, so Victoria and her father moved to the one and only place in America Miami they say it's safe, but in my point of view, it's not.

My dad signed me up for high school I didn't get why when I was almost 18 and the year is almost done, then I bumped into this boy his name is Steven. He had pale skin. His probably sick what i though in my head.

I had started my first class it was history, he was there I had to take the chair next to him so I did I know he was looking at me, i can fell it or was it me. I had to skip second class then the lunch bell rang I had sat on a table by my self till Steven came to me and whispered in my ear saying “ come with me” so I did go with him. I think I'm madly in love with him.

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