A Ghost Town

**For the Perfect Places writing competition**
Thomas Sanders and the 'Sanders Sides' go on a little adventure to an old ghost town.


2. Hiawatha

"We are here," Logan stated pulling off to the side of the road.

To say Roman was excited was an understatement. He jumped out of the car jumping over Thomas and Virgil in the process.

"Finally," Roman exclaimed. Virgil rolled his eyes and everyone piled out of the car ready to explore.

"Everything looks so worn down," Virgil mumbled.

"This town used to be a mining town. It went out of business in the late 1900's. No one has lived here for over 40 years," Logan stated.

"I'm getting pictures," Patton said once again pulling out his phone. He ran off with Roman.

"Wait," Thomas shouted after them. Neither of them listened.

Virgil looked around. "This place is creepy," He said with his voice low. "Like just look at that house."

"That is the boarding house. It used to house teachers that taught at the school," Logan said reading off his phone.

"Where's the school," Thomas inquired. Virgil walked around the area. He saw a foundation of a building a little distance from the boarding house.

"Hey guys," Patton yelled at them. He showed them his phone. "Look at all the pictures. This place is cool!" Roman ran behind him.

"There's so much to see and do," Roman said trying to catch his breath.

Virgil watched them from a distance, still walking around some surrounding areas. While the others were busy talking he saw some stone and walked to it. 

'This must be where the school used to be,' Virgil thought to himself. He was now on a cement foundation with big stones scattered everywhere. Bits and pieces of what used to be the walls.

"Virgil, look!" Patton came running towards him. "Look at the inside of this house."

Patton showed Virgil a picture on his phone. "Ain't this place cool?" Virge shrugged.

"Come on guys," Roman stated once again running off somewhere. Patton and Thomas followed closely behind but Logan and Virgil took their time to walk.

"This place still gives me the creeps," Virgil mumbled to Logan.

"My theory is that it's because it's not inhabited. This is an old town that used to buzz with activity and now it's quiet for the most part," Logan remarked. Virgil shrugged.

"I can't help but think it's something else," With Virgil's reply he shuttered a little.

"Let's catch up with the others so we don't get lost," Logan said in reply changing the topic.

Virgil nodded and they both started walking faster.

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