Saving isabella

As the last tear fell from my face I dried my eyes and whispered to her what I thought was going to be my last words to her "I... I. love you."


6. Sun Rays

I sat in my room on the windowsill, looking outside. It was so beautiful outside. The sun was out, and no clouds in sight.

It was different from what I felt on the inside. How could it be this beautiful, when I felt like this?

But I mean, who was I to wish it looked how I felt. 

Dark clouds rolling in, thunder and rain pattering on the roofs, and a hurricane, that they were wishing to escape. I could never wish that on someone. Not even if I was feeling this bad.

I looked down at my hands, that had gone so pale, i probably seamed sick. I needed the sun. Even if I didn't want it right now. 

My arms shakily reached out to grab the railing in the hallway. I slowly descended the stairs.

I breathed out in relief when i made it to the back door. Telling myself it would get better and soon I wouldn't need the railing anymore.

"Mom I'm going outside."I yelled to the kitchen.

"Okay, but call if you need me."She said.

I walked out int he back yard. Breathing in a sigh of relief at the feeling of the sun on my face. How good it felt, I never knew how much I had missed the suns warms rays on my skin. I sighed, tilting my head back to bath in the glow. 

I used to love to come out during the day with a good book and towel and tan. I would haft to do it some day.

A faint headache started to form so I walked on the porch and sat down, swinging lightly.

I heard the front door shut and smiled, ready for night to come. 


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