Saving isabella

As the last tear fell from my face I dried my eyes and whispered to her what I thought was going to be my last words to her "I... I. love you."


7. See through the Window

I pulled on my jeans and sweater and made my way down stairs.

"Honey is that you?" My mother yelled from the kitchen as I walked down.

"Yes." I said, walking in. Realizing noting had been set out and that my father hadn't made it home yet.

​"Honey um your father had to stay late at work today, and he wanted me to apologize for him and say that he would make it up to you."

I remembered I heard the door shut. Then realized it had probably been my mom.

"Mom tell him it's fin, we can do it tomorrow. No worries." I said, giving her a hug. I knew the world wouldn't just stop for a day, I mean life goes on even as we take a stop, the others around us will continue."So what are we having for super?" I asked.

We danced around the kitchen to pop music, laughing and making a mess with the flour for the biscuits. 

Finally we managed to get done but I can't say that we looked okay. I looked at my mother with dough filled hair and flour everywhere on her. We looked like ghost. I laughed at my mom, causing her to look up.

"What is there something on my face?" She said.

I grabbed some flour in my hands and hid it behind my back.

"No, but there a little bit of something right,"I threw the flour at her face smiling,"Here!"

She coughed grabbing flour.

​"Oh your gonna get it, Missy!" She yelled as I ran down the hall. 

Right about that time my dad opened the door. As I ran past a poof! Sounded behind me.

I turned around and died.

My father was covered in flour, and my mother grimaced, holding the whole bag of flour in her hands. I busted out laughing, causing my mom to giggle then start laughing out loud.

My dad joined us giving my mom a giant hug causing her to get even more flower on her clothes. "James White! Let me down right now."She said to my father, he continued laughing, as she attempted to pinch him.

"Lily Mae White!" He said. "I will grab the water hose and spray you if you pinch me again."

"You wouldn't dare."She seethed.

Funny thing my father would dare!

He grabbed the hose which just happened to be laying on the ground and sprayed my mother with it.

"James!"She yelled as the flour clung to her. "You've messed up my dress and apron."She seethed.

"Sweet Heart I'll buy you a million more just to do this again."He said smiling. "I think I love flour fights." Then he turned on me, spraying me with the water hose. "Hope, you didn't think you were gonna get away that easy."


I dried my hair with the towel. Throwing it in the hamper. I walked over to the window, smiling. The day had gone by so fast and yet. I didn't want it to end. Because soon I wouldn't be able to have this if I kept laying my head down, sleeping away the hours. 

But I needed sleep to live. I thought. 'I've had enough sleep to last me a life time.'

I sighed, knowing I still had to sleep. 

I lied my head on the pillow. Hoping sleep came fast.




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