Saving isabella

As the last tear fell from my face I dried my eyes and whispered to her what I thought was going to be my last words to her "I... I. love you."


2. Mothers Love

It was dark, there was no lights. I became worried, thinking I was blind. The only thing I could remember was the wreck. My mind tried to wonder towards it but I wouldn’t allow it to. I pushed it away, trying hard to move, even just and inch. I strained to hear the smallest thing, faintly there was a slowly beeping noise that started to pick up it’s pace. I pushed my self to try and hear it, holding onto it, trying to use it to pull my self out of the endless pit. I slowly started to feel my eyes open. The light’s were like an assault of blurry colors and figures.

I blinked rapidly trying to clear my vision, the beeping picked up, scaring me, I flinched. Then heard a voice. "NURSE. HURRY SHES AWAKE!” The voice grounded me, my vision started to clear up, the colors separated, the faces became distinctive. “Child can you hear me?’’ The woman asked.

“Y..e…s.’’ I said. My voice cracked as if it hadn’t been used in years, it was unrecognizable.

“Honey, I’m gonna need you to stay awake okay, I need you to listen to my voice.’’ She said.

“O-okay.’’ I said, this time it was a little easier.

The nurse called names out, I barely registered and called a doctor in. They talked for a while, he kept looking at me like I wasn’t suppose to be here.” Do you know who you are?’’ He asked.

“Isabella.’’ I said. Looking around trying to place were I was.

“Isabella, I need you to calm down, your safe, and fine.’’ He said. He took the nurse and they started to talk outside, giving me a chance to look around.

There was a worn out blue chair, sitting by the bed, blue curtains letting little light shine through, and a little smart TV, on the wall. The doctor walked back in, and stood by my bed.

“We are contacting your guardians, someone should be here in a minute.” He said, walking back out.

I was glad he didn’t push questions on me. I was still a bit nauseated. I grabbed the remote, off the side table and turned on the TV. The news, was already on. I looked down at the bottom of the screen and my hurt rate started to spike, the nurse hearing it came rushing in. “Hun what is it?’’ She asked.

“What day is it? Please tell me? This has to be wrong.’’ I said.

“No, honey, it’s September, the twenty-ninth, two-thousand and eighteen.” She said.

That’s three years, two years of my life, I will never have, that I will never get again, that were stripped away from me. It might have not seemed like much but it is when you are the one losing those years, all those days and weeks, months. I grabbed my chest it felt tighter and tighter. It got so bad that I started to see spots, the nurse injected something into my arm with a needle. I slowly started to calm down. “Honey, I need you to stay clam, if you must…rest.”

I didn’t want to sleep, haft my life was gone because of it. But no matter how hard I fought it, my eyelids gradually closed, and I slipped into oblivion.

Voices woke me.

I couldn’t place where they were at first, slowly opening my eyes. I saw someone I thought I wouldn’t ever see again.

“Mom..” I whispered.

She turned around as fast as she could, almost tripping over her own feet. Her arms engulfed me, holding me as if at any moment I would break away and not come back.

Her familiar vanilla perfume filled my nose, with sweet scents, as her long blond hair tickled my nose.

I noticed that her hair had gotten longer and looked unkempt and her once light blue eyes that showed kindness now showed pain, and stress.

I hugged her back as hard as I could without hurting myself with all the needles in my arms. She sighed, drawing in a deep breath, and she started shaking in my arms.

The doctor noticed stepping out into the hall.

“Mom I’m right here.” I said. “I’m right here.” I said, slowly trailing my hand down her back.

“Oh Isa. I thought I lost you.” She said. As she cried, shaking on my shoulder.

"No mother I'm right here." I said hugging her tight, not wiling to let go just yet.

A heavy stream of tears seeped through my shirt. Soaking it through. I hugged her tighter, and I felt her arms pull me closer.

I wiped my hand on my shirt, not realizing that it had gotten wet from the tears flowing from my eyes.

It seamed like forever before we broke away. My mother looked around frantic, searching for something. "Mom slow down. What is it?"

"Your father. He doesn't know your awake."

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