Saving isabella

As the last tear fell from my face I dried my eyes and whispered to her what I thought was going to be my last words to her "I... I. love you."


5. Memories

I looked at my dresser, a picture of me and matty.

I swung my legs out swinging back and forth. When I felt the arms wrap around me from behind, plating a soft kiss on my cheek, I laughed out loud trying to stop the attacks of sweet kisses filled with adoration. I wrapped my arms around his arms that were holding me from behind me on the swing. I planted light kisses on his hands. I could feel the goosebumps that had appeared on his skin.

He swung me around on the swing so my legs were on either side of him. He bent his head down level with me, holding me close. 

I hadn't noticed I had licked my lips, causing him to stiffen and look down at them. He bent his head down slowly, planting  his lips on mine.

That was the first time we ever kissed. I felt my lips remembering the feeling of his on mine. I still had faint memories of the feelings we both felt towards each other.

But I was numb now I didn't know if I still felt the same way.

I walked done stairs, slowly, taking in the pictures hanging on the wall. How perfect are little family had been. No care in the world, no worries of what tomorrow would bring. 

I saw my mom bright smile as she and my dad were hugging me in a photo, the waves fading into the background.

I remember that day. I thought. At least I didn't wake up with no memories. I mean without memories who would I have been? Would I have been me?

I kept walked down the stairs, I walked into the kitchen to find my mom dancing around the kitchen, lying plates down on the table.

She had eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage, and biscuits. 

"It smells great in here mom.'' I said, as my stomach growled.

"Thanks sweet heart." She said, kissing me on the forehead than returning to cooking.

"Where's dad?" I asked as I sat down.

The back door closed shut, as my dad walked in. As if he heard himself being called.

"Hey dad." I said, hugging him and sitting back down.

"Honey, this looks great." He said, kissing my mother lovingly on the cheek. "But I got to get to work, care to put me some together to bring with me?" He asked.

"Work?" I asked. I had just got home and he had work, to go to. But I guess that's the real world for you.

"I'm sorry honey," he said looking at me ,"you know what, when I get home me you and your mother, are going to roast marshmallows, and hot dogs over a fire, and watch as your mother makes a fool of herself." He said laughing.

I joined in, agreeing with him. My mother was so clumsy. 

"Sound great, dad, love you." I said, hugging him again before he walked out.

"I love you, honey." My mom yelled after him. To which he turned around and blew her a kiss.


Sorry for such short chapters. I try and update as soon as possible.

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