Saving isabella

As the last tear fell from my face I dried my eyes and whispered to her what I thought was going to be my last words to her "I... I. love you."


11. Craving What I Dont Want

I woke to a slit creaking of my door being opened, as my mother walked in.

"Isabella there's guest could you come down stairs please." I was about to ask why she wanted me to come downstairs so early when i looked at my alarm i had fallen asleep, after talking to my parents

I got up as my mom left, slinging clothes on. I was so mad, how could I have slept. I had already had enough sleep all those years asleep. I didn't want to sleep anymore. But my body was against my wishes, and craved and needed sleep.

I walked downstairs, muttering under my breath. When a sound in the living room, laughing. I couldn't remember the last time i heard laughing in there. 'Maybe cause I haven't been home' I though.

I leaned against the doorway. Watching as my mom and dad talked to Ash. they all seemed at ease I didn't want to bother them. They seemed so happy. I decided to leave the room, i turned around and took a step when my name was called. 

Oh well guess i can't leave now...


sorry i left you guys on a cliffhanger. School has been so busy and I haven't had time. I promise to try and update when i can.

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