Genesis Undertale

Amethyst Zane, Zonix,Zash and Iliana start high school. Let’s see how there life is like with any problems they may face.


6. Chapter 6

 ( amethyst is at home)


Amethyst: *groans loudly* what happened?

Father golem: honey are you ok?

Amethyst: yeah

Amethyst: can I call Zane on the phone?

Father golem: sure here you go. *gives phone*

Amethyst: pick up. Pick up...

Zane: *on phone* hello?

Amethyst: yeah are you going to the rink today?

Zane: no we agreed to stay home.

Amethyst: I can go let me just heal myself.

Zane: ok bye see you later!

Amethyst: *heals* there we go!


Amethyst: that must be them!

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