Genesis Undertale

Amethyst Zane, Zonix,Zash and Iliana start high school. Let’s see how there life is like with any problems they may face.


4. Chapter 4

(Walking home)


Iliana: *walks over to amethyst* Hey Girl.

Amethyst: hi Iliana.

Iliana: I forgot you can talk now.

Amethyst: yeah so what is up?

Iliana: do you want to go to the roller skating rink wit me Zane Zash Minnie and Clara. Oh and my date!

Amethyst: sure I can go as the third wheel.

Iliana: what about zonix? I can ask him for you.

Amethyst: thanks that would be awesome!

(Iliana walks faster and goes home)

Zonix: hey what is up?

Amethyst: .........u..mmm...

Zonix: come on. You can talk. 

Amethyst: hey.

Zonix: sure.

Amethyst: sure.....what?

Zonix: the note Iliana gave me. I will go with you.

Amethyst: ok...see you there!

Zonix: bye! *winks at amethyst then runs*

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