Genesis Undertale

Amethyst Zane, Zonix,Zash and Iliana start high school. Let’s see how there life is like with any problems they may face.


3. Chapter 3

at lunch)


Zane: *whispers* hey zonix, go talk to amethyst try to make her talk. Tell her you like her.

Zonix: why would I do that?

Zane: you don’t think she is cute?

Zonix: kinda but she doesn’t talk.

Zane: then you can make her!

Zonix: fine I will go. *walks over to amethyst*

Amethyst: ........*shaking*

Zonix: hey amethyst what is up?

Amethyst: .....

Zonix: let me get to the point, I wanted to tell you that I like you. But the only thing is, you don’t talk.

Amethyst: .......*mutters gibberish*

Zonix: come on you can do it, I know you can.

Amethyst: h...h...hi..

*Everyone stares at amethyst*

Zane: she did it! Hey zonix you can stop pretending to like her now!

Amethyst: w...w...what?

Zonix: ummmm.....

Amethyst: I should have known you would embarrass me Zane. *walks out of the cafeteria*.

Zane: *runs behind amethyst* Amy I am sorry. I didn’t mean that. He told me he liked you. He really does. You just don’t talk.

Amethyst: well now I do. *she walks into the girls bathroom* 

Zane: Come out please *cries*.

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