Genesis Undertale

Amethyst Zane, Zonix,Zash and Iliana start high school. Let’s see how there life is like with any problems they may face.


2. Chapter 2

Eliana: are you ok amethyst? I can go smack Zane if you want.

Amethyst: *calmly shakes her head*

Zash: you ok Amy?

Zane: hey amethyst are you ok? I am sorry I totally forgot.

Amethyst: * turns away from Zane*

Zane: fine. *he storms off in anger.*

   ( In art class)

Zane: I am ready to paint! What are we doing today? The Mona Lisa?

Teacher: no Zane we actually aren’t painting anything today. We have a new student.

Eliana: yay maybe I can rip out someone’s soul!

Zash: cool!

Amethyst: *claps hands*

????: hey guys..

Zane: (in his head) wow. She is looks like an awesome painter!

Teacher: Everyone introduce yourself to Clara.

Zane: Hi I am Zane I rule this school pretty much. I am the son of ink sans.

Clara: nice to meet you.

Eliana: hi my name is Eliana. I am the daughter of chara and sans. 

Zash: hi I am Zash I am the sone of the lightning god. I am kinda royal but I don’t really care.

Spiden: hey I am spiden. I don’t really want to share my info.

Clara: who is this girl?

Amethyst: .......*does sign language* hi my name is amethyst I am the daughter of earth golems. I don’t talk.

Clara: I didn’t understand you. But anyway, lovely to meet you all. *winks at Zane*

Teacher: class dismissed!!!!!


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