Genesis Undertale

Amethyst Zane, Zonix,Zash and Iliana start high school. Let’s see how there life is like with any problems they may face.


1. Chapter 1

Amethyst: (talks in her head) well. I guess it is time for school. I better get dressed and head out.

Zane: hey amethyst. What’s up?

Amethyst: ........

Zane: oh yeah I forgot.

Eliana: hey Zane. Amethyst hello.

Amethyst: (talks in head) Omg.. Zonix is coming over here... I have to leave.

Zane: I wonder where Zash Is.

Eliana: don’t ask me!

Amethyst: *shrugs then sighs*

Zane: hey Zash!

Zash: sup people. Eliana, amethyst.

Zonix: hey guys and gals.

Amethyst: *sighs*

Eliana: Zane get zonix out of here you know what happens!

Amethyst: *runs away crying*

Zash: look what you did Zane!

Zonix: what is up with her?

????: hey guys.

Zane: did you hear something?

Zonix: no.

????: you can’t pretend.

Zane: I am going the check on Amethyst.

Zonix: ok bye dude.

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