The Soldier of the Future

New York, 2100.

Daniel Harding is a brash recruit who doesn't play by the rules of war. When President Al Sharkey, a Republican, squanders money for financial reasons, there's no money to fund the military. When China's Government becomes the new superpower, Daniel decides to use his power to make sure America faces the new battle before its too late.


1. The Soldier of the Future-Prologue


Daniel gripped his assault rifle in his black gloved right hand. He felt his cold hands shift. He looked at Big Al, a tall African-American man, who smoked cigars. "Typical China, huh", he said. Daniel nodded. "They're as mad as North Korea is", Daniel stated. He looked at the digital clock that was on the creamy coloured wall. Suddenly Drill Sergeant Frank Doles, Jr., strode towards the dim hallway. "​Get up!​", he ordered. Three soldiers who were asleep, opened their eyes, as they were dreaming of their wives back home. Daniel stared at him. "We're fine, Sergeant", he said. The idea of facing a war away from America was problematic; the war was endless these days in the future. "You're not fine; you're damned". And he strode boldly towards the green bunks, and laid down the law.

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