The Soldier of the Future

New York, 2100.

Daniel Harding is a brash recruit who doesn't play by the rules of war. When President Al Sharkey, a Republican, squanders money for financial reasons, there's no money to fund the military. When China's Government becomes the new superpower, Daniel decides to use his power to make sure America faces the new battle before its too late.


3. The Soldier of the Future-Part Two


Daniel blinked his eyes. He sensed the mood of the barracks was grim. That, and the news that K. Lee, the Korean soldier, was arming himself with guns in Asia, warranted action. He glanced at Big Al, and they headed towards the bunks, and slept soundly.


The hologram of the female soldier said: "Everyone shall be awake by 0600 hrs". Daniel shook his head. He imagined himself watching The Great Enemy shooting American soldiers not in the dense jungles of Vietnam, but in Los Angeles, California. The nightmare of the past had come back to haunt him. He smoked a cigarette, and knew one thing was certain. That life wasn't as easy as it seemed.

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