The Soldier of the Future

New York, 2100.

Daniel Harding is a brash recruit who doesn't play by the rules of war. When President Al Sharkey, a Republican, squanders money for financial reasons, there's no money to fund the military. When China's Government becomes the new superpower, Daniel decides to use his power to make sure America faces the new battle before its too late.


2. The Soldier of the Future-Part One



Daniel heard the Internet feed about the New Wars. He hadn't imagined thinking that America would be bombed; America was safer now in the post-911 era of the 21st century. The old days of terrorism linked to The Middle East, Asia, and other countries, was the staple of the news that were on-line, the apps on the I-phones, and on the high-definition cable television sets. 

He ate his breakfast in his friends, as the talk of war preyed on his mind.


The idea of The Great War of 2100 came to being because America was losing a lot of money through successive Governments; the war was blamed on every President of the United States while they resided at the White House. Big Al smiled at him. "Everyone is against all wars. It's I the blood". He gazed at the wailing sirens. And he hoped that nothing bad would happen to them as they prepared for the end to come.


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