long live evil 2

Evil queen is having a baby after her false lover betrayed her.


1. Torin

My name is Easton. I grew up with Five important people in my life."Auntie De'vil,AuntieFrost,UncleJafar,Mom,Auntie Malifasent. I didn't know my father. When I asked my mom she would sigh and say,"That stupid mirror boy!" and stomped out the room. So I walked to Aunt De'vil's room since we all lived close. "Aunt De'vil?" I asked. "Oh isn't my favorite Nefew". she cackled.She rubbed my blue hair. "I have a questioned". I announced."Go a head". she said. "Who was my father?" I whispered.She froze."I supposed you deserved to know". she sat down on her chair."Boy open that story book for me!" She said pointing to a big thick book on the table. I did as i was told. "You know what this is. We are apart of a story. Each of us has our own,but love can do strange things." she warned."Your mother's story should be with You AuntieWhite's. And it was until it changed." she said her vioce to a whisper.She flipped to the end of the story book. My mom and a boy stood ther smiling,it was titled,Long live evil."This was you mom's. Boy next to her is yuor father.

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