long live evil 2

Evil queen is having a baby after her false lover betrayed her.


4. The world of mirrors

After Easton said hello to his father the had the conversation about why he had been kicked out of Evelyn's life." I didn't know I was going to fall in love with your mother and by then the guards was on there way and the desendants cycle was activated." When I try to explain to her, well you know when your mother is mad only her victory is see able and everything else is a obstacle. Just then footsteps came door the hall of mirrors. Torin peered through one Evelyn was crying her face in the desk."Evelyn?" Torin whispered. She looked up and touch the mirror making Torin flinch."Mom? I'm not coming  home until you hear what he has to say!" Easton disided. "Okay". She agreed. Torin explained to her. Once he was done. She sad."okay  listen. I do believe you but I don't think I'm ready to be with you. Sure Easton you may see and visit your father but please leave a note or something". She answers

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