In a world of eternal darkness, the light is slowly seeping in. It’s up to one particular winged warrior to save the Night.


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12 


The battle continues to rage. 

But suddenly, something happens.

The light moves. 

A little bit, before some more. Slowly, painfully slowly. 

And some more. 

All of a sudden it goes hurtling backwards, retreating far back. 

The Daybloods are pushed with it, every last person native to the Day shoved back onto their side.

A flash erupts, and a boom sounds. A light traces across the place where the darkness ends. 

Everyone is silent for a moment. 


He is caught in the onslaught of the returning light, and he is killed in it too. 

The light burns like fire as it washes over him, painful and blistering hot. It is pushed inside of him, all of it his creation, and all of it his demise. What is meant to be something great turns terrible, as the light floods every pore of his body. It burns, of it burns.

He doesn't scream. He doesn't fight it. He welcomes it. 

He failed anyways, at least now he won't have to face his failure. 


The Daybloods hurtle themselves at the border. Ryan watches, in a silent daze. Mild confusion nags at him, but he is to shocked to worry about it. 

The Daybloods slam into an invisible force field, a barrier between the two halves. 

The Night would stay forever on the Night side, the Day forever on the Day. 

No more war. 


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