Long live Evil

What happens when the 400 year ol worlock , Torin from hex hall meets The Evie queen. The both look about 17 years old with untrustworthy backgrounds


1. Torin helps a queen

Torin wondered around in the world of mirrors. No excape. He was at least four hundred years old but anyone would make a mistake of saying he was seventeen. He stopped when he heard sobbing. He walked  he turn around to see a girl with crown facing a mirror." Um excuse me but who might you be?" He asked. The girl looked up. She was dress like one of those Evil queens only she looked sixteen. Queen Evelyn she said. " and why are you here?" I was_ cursed and I told to live here for ever!" She wailed " why?" He asked." Because I'm the fairest and that all that matters and when Snow White stole that from me I ordered her to be killed, sadly she got a away and I disided to kill her my self, of Good always when and I poison her only I was caught and throw and she get to be awoken and get to spend enturity in a mirror! My mirror I made all the magic mirrors and I get trapped in one?"  She stomped her foot."What's your name anyway?" She asked." Torin". I said

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