Long live Evil

What happens when the 400 year ol worlock , Torin from hex hall meets The Evie queen. The both look about 17 years old with untrustworthy backgrounds


2. That's is what I call sneaky

Evelyn explain how she was got out. the second time and Torin develop and huge crush on her."you know what babe I think o know how to get us out!" He exclaimed. " what?!" She said annoyed. " Used proswayive  on a person who is easy to trick!" He explained. " who?" She asked. He came closer to her. Someone who is soft". He whispered. She put her hands on his shirt. He touched her cheek. He lifted her chin, to kiss her but she turned her head. Seeing that he was unable to reach her cherry lips he kissed her neck instead, nick at it. She rolled her eyes and dragged him to a girls, mirror. A agirl with a fishtail swam around in the world."Ariel!" Evelyn said. The mermaid looked up and swam curious to the mirror." Yes!" She said excited." My name is Evelyn. I was wondering if  you could help me and my__boyfriend, for exchange of have feet. The mermaid swan around excitly. Evelyn whispered something to her and she chanted an spell." Mirror in the sea release the thee"! She said the mirror broke and Evelyn and Torin were free. The swam up to the surface to breath then turn the mermaid into a girl.



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