Long live Evil

What happens when the 400 year ol worlock , Torin from hex hall meets The Evie queen. The both look about 17 years old with untrustworthy backgrounds


3. Mean is all you are oh and I have a baby so boo who!


 First thing the queen did was get the mirror. She tapped it and a man appeared." My queen!" It said."mirror mirror in my hand who the fairest of the land?" She chanted."you are my queen!" The mirror said nervously. She smiled and pulled Torin into a kiss. "Next stop! Isle of the lost!" She cackled. Torin slid and hand around her waist and she  snapped her fingers and a a blue spell book appeared in her hands with a ruby in the middle.dhe flipped it open and a world covered in the page were poor people and sneaky kids ran around pickpockets stealing." Not to be rude baby but that is sad place". Torin said."we'll have you tried taking over this world?" She asked slamming the

book shut." Yes". He said." And


we're did that get you.huh?I a

mirror!" She hissed in disgust.

Slapping him playfully on the cheek. 

"Plus look at the bright side there's a

castle in the middle of it. My castle!"

She giggled." You win I'm sorry". Torin  said throwing his hand up on her waist.she slapped it away."my clean clothes!" Torin did a spell and they disappeared. They reappeared in a dark forest. And broken sign

said welcome to the isle of the lostand burn in hell. Evelyn heard noises in the forest and a girl with a black and whit pokodot on her with two ponytails on white and the other black."well look who it is! Evil deveil!" Evelyn nodded in approval. The girl pick up a donation which nuzzle Next to her. A boy came of be hind dressed in gold clothes." Jafar! I guessing Malfiesent and Frost is here to?" She asked. They nodded. A girl In blue and a similar one in black came out. " who's your pet?" Frost asked. " he not my pet! He is this land new king!" She anouced.people stopped to see ther queen standing there. Like a magic her stomachs swelled she laid a hand on it,and threw up.

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