Long live Evil

What happens when the 400 year ol worlock , Torin from hex hall meets The Evie queen. The both look about 17 years old with untrustworthy backgrounds


4. heart broken

They came to the conclusion  that Evelyn was pregnant. See when a Character found it's"True love" then the descendants already start to form. Evelyn was happy. Torin was not. He had falling in love with her but had betrayed her. The castle doors opened and Snowhite Came in followed by Gaurds. They pointed Spears at the Queen and inside Evelyn's Stone heart something broke. Being betrayed and me a mother she had realized what Snow must of felt like. Evelyn ignored the guards and ran to Snow embracing her and Crying on her shoulder. "I'm sorry for everything!I didn't want to hate you. My heart was cursed and turn to stone So i can't love!" She cried. Snow wrap her arms around her mother. "I have a baby and I don't want it to grow up in a world of mirrors. There is on children no social life,and since I played as the villain, please let us live peacefully here and I promise you kingdom will never be bothered!" she sobbed. Torin went to comfort her but she  resisted."Get away. Don't touch me!You ruined my life and This child will not be ruined like mine!" she screamed."mother's right! Torin you belong in Izzy's mirror!" The Guards Pushed him out the door and took him away. "I love you". Evelyn said for the first time. Evelyn was lifted off her feet by magic and she transformed yes still in Evil Queen style but her stone heart melted away. In her hands was a beautiful baby boy was in her arms. His name was prince Easton.




                                                                The End

Till next time. Long live Evil 2

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