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1. Chapter One ~ Vacation

Vincent Valentine's Point of View

"Fuck! Where the fuck are my documents Harold?!" I screamed at the old greasy haired bastard sitting in front of me.

The smirk that was once plastered on his ugly face disappeared mighty quick as he jumped balling up his fist.

"I set them on your fucking desk last night before I left!" He hollered with arrogance.

"Well, you better go back to your damn desk and make damn sure they aren't still there or so help me god I'll rearrange your fucking face," I snarled at the sneaky son of a bitch.

Ever since I asked him to look into the rumors about someone leaking information, he became a sadistic annoying sneaky rat. It's like the guy completely changed and I starting to think it was him. No scratch that, I know for a fact that it was him.

"Fine, sir," he spat then walked out of my office slamming the door against the wall. My secretary looked at me quickly with worry and I dismissed her with a wave of my hand.

"I need a fucking vacation," I grumbled, running my hands over my face then through my hair. After ignoring the constant buzzing of my phone I check it. Of course there were three texts from my father.

Son, we need to talk.

Don't ignore me Boy

I can easily remove you from being CEO. Answer your phone now

I rolled my eyes and clicked on his contact, pressing call. He answered immediately. "What the fuck Vincent?!" He snapped before I could even speak. I sighed and straightened my tie waiting for him to shut the fuck up.

"Father, if I may speak, I was in a meeting. Contact my secretary Amber next time and she'll connect you to me. Now I have some more important business to handle. Call me tomorrow during work hours. Tell Mom I love her. Bye Father," I told him then ended the call.

Harold poked his head in my office with grim look upon his face. "Documents?" I asked. He sauntered over and placed the folder on my desk and waited for me to speak.

"Dismissed and fired. Pack your belongings and leave the premises Harold. You're done screwing this company over," I told him.

He clenched his jaw and stormed out of the office. The dumb ass thought he was sneaky. He left behind clear evidence that it was him betraying me. Well, no more of that shit.

"Sir, call on line two," Amber said through the speaker. I pressed the button to reply. "Thanks Amber. Go ahead and go home. It's getting late. If you need a ride ask Sammy at the entrance," I told her.

I saw her nod before gathering her stuff to leave. "Hello?" I said into the phone after placing it to my ear.

"Hi, is this Mr. Valentine?" A woman asked from the other end. "Yes. May I help you?" I questioned. "Yes sir. You had requested last year to take a vacation. We have found a more than qualified candidate to fill in while you are away. Are you still interested?" She asked.

"Yes. I would like that. When can I leave?" I asked her once I made my decision. "Tomorrow evening sir. We picked Hawaii as your destination. Is that good with you?" "Yes. Thank you. Tell the candidate to come in the morning. I would like to meet them. Have a good night," I told her before hanging up.

Vacation. What can go wrong with that?


Serena Viking's Point of View

"Mamá?! I can't find my keys!" I yelled while trashing her guest bedroom. My flight for Hawaii was scheduled to leave in one hour!

My best friend Robert aka Roberto suggested I use my vacation hours I saved up over the year. Of course I went ahead and agreed without properly planning shit.

"On the table mi niño!" She finally yelled back. I shoved the rest of my clothes in my suitcase and rushed down the stairs to the kitchen table.

"Stop running por favor!" My mamá scolded. I smirked and shook my head. "Fine ma. If I'm late and I miss my only chance at Hawaii it'll be your fault," I said as I took my time to find my keys.

"Hurry up then chica. Have fun mi niño," she said before she gave me a big warm kiss on the cheek. "I will mamá. I'll call you when I land!" I screamed as I made my way out of the house.

I hopped in my car and sped off quickly to the airport. As I arrived the intercom boomed.

"Final boarding call for Flight 332 to Honolulu, Hawaii. Final boarding call."

"Shit," I muttered as I picked up my pace. There was no way I would make it. The car ride took forever with traffic being backed up so bad. While running for my life, I collided with a hard surface and fell straight on my ass.

I looked up and saw a handsome man frowning at me. "Are you alright miss?" He asked while holding out a hand to me. I placed my hand in his and he pulled me up so effortlessly as if I weighed nothing.

"Yes. I'm so sorry. I was in a hurry. I just missed my flight to Hawaii," I babbled on. He smiled and shook his head. "Would you like to accompany me in my jet? I, myself, am headed to Hawaii," he told me and I swear god sent him down just for me.

"Oh my god. Thank you so much. Thank would be a very life saving offer. I spent so much money for this trip. You're truly an amazing person," I told him.

He smiled and nodded to someone behind me. "Well follow me gorgeous. The jet is ready," he said, taking my bags into his hand and walking around me. I smiled and followed suit.

Vacation right? This could be fun.

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