Not Everyone Is Who They Say They Are.

I worked at the small cafe down the road, only being able to work as a part time job, seen as though being at college took up so much of my time. Normally I didn’t pay attention to the customers but one skinny male caught my eye. He didn’t look... normal. He wore shabby clothes and always had large bags underneath his grey, depressed eyes. Many people reckoned that he was abnormal but I disagreed, although I could see why people thought that. For an unknown reason I was curious about the male...


2. Chapter 2.

                        The Next Day. 

I walked towards the small cafe, ready for another long, boring day of work. Surprisingly I had an unexpected visitor stood at the front of the cafe. It was the young male from yesterday. I gulped slightly a little confused as to why he was just stood there. Still I walked towards him and smiled warmly, “Hey again, I’m sorry but we don’t open until 7:00.” It was 6:30 now. He glanced towards me. He looked even more tired than yesterday. “I never caught your name,” I said trying to make conversation, seen as though he didn’t reply. 

“Eren Mitchell.” 

I shook his ice like hand, “I’m Eleanor Brady.” Eren stared down at my hand and I saw a slight smile spread across his face. “It’s cold out here, let’s get inside.” I unlocked the cafe’s front door and let Eren inside, closing it after we both were inside. I placed my coat on top of a nearby chair and began to set up all of the chairs. I didn’t really know why I let Eren inside willingly. I guess I felt sorry for him. He looked as if he were sleeping rough. I made him a black coffee and myself a tea. Weirdly I felt relaxed sitting next to him. This surprised me because normally I didn’t react well with strangers. Maybe I’ve gotten used to it because of my job? For about ten to fifteen minutes we both sat there chatting to one another. It was as if now that we were alone Eren was a totally new person. Unfortunately our conversation had to come to an end when it was time to open up the cafe. 

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