Not Everyone Is Who They Say They Are.

I worked at the small cafe down the road, only being able to work as a part time job, seen as though being at college took up so much of my time. Normally I didn’t pay attention to the customers but one skinny male caught my eye. He didn’t look... normal. He wore shabby clothes and always had large bags underneath his grey, depressed eyes. Many people reckoned that he was abnormal but I disagreed, although I could see why people thought that. For an unknown reason I was curious about the male...


1. Chapter 1.

It was a normal, busy day in the cafe. Everyone was rushing around, stressing about what to buy their other half’s on Valentines Day. Whereas I went on with my day. Because, well, to put it blunt I was single. But it didn’t bother me that much. The old bell rung at the front of the cafe, signalling that a customer had arrived. I looked up and smiled warmly. “Welcome to Karen’s Cafe, what can I get you?” I asked the male. Instead of answering he stayed silent, staring down at his shoes. “Sir?” I hesitated before asking, “Is everything okay?” The male glanced up at me but quickly looked back down as soon as we made eye contact. 

“C-can I get a black coffee, please.”

I nodded, “Sure, one black coffee coming right up.” 

As I was making his coffee I noticed that he was fairly underweight and wore shabby clothes. But who was I to judge. His eyes were also... bloodshot. Had he been crying? Well it’s none of my business anyway. I handed him his coffee, our hands only touching for a slight second. His hands were cold, almost ice like. He made his way over to a small table in the corner of the room.

After a couple of minutes, he walked back to the counter and gave me his empty cup. I placed it in the sink bedside me. The male stared at me which gave me time to study his eyes for longer. They were sad looking as if he were depressed. His biggest feature were the large black bags underneath his sunken eyes. “Come back soon.” He walked out onto the street. In the corner of my eye I could see him stop and stare at me one last time. Shivers ran down my back. “Jeez, I need to stop watching horror movies late at night.” 

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