photo creds for the cover. my friend took that when we were in Pasadena


1. Day 1

Planes. The only way the school could get all 303 of us to California in time for the Rose Parade. I wasn't too fond of planes. My last experience with them was 8 years ago and it didn't go so well. I also wasn't very fond of waking up at three am so I could board the bus to go to the airport at four-thirty am. I'm, not a morning person. Like, at all.  I woke up from my own alarm at 3 and I just laid there. wondering if my mom had woken up to be my second alarm. Which she did, 45 minutes later. I felt like I was in a rush since I still had to do my daily vlog- I vlog on youtube even tho I have zero subscribers. I threw on leggings and a band tee, the usual outfit for me and a sweatshirt since it was -7 out. Cold. Really cold. I did my makeup in 5 minutes, so I looked like shit but it was good enough for the vlog and for the arrival in California. 

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